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Monday, January 11, 2010

A Total Shower Of C**ts

This day next week I'll be in the York of New. Still freezing my balls off but I guess that won't bother me so much as everything will be new and interesting. It only occurred to me last week that I should take a sleeping bag with me. You'd think this would be one of the first things I'd have sorted out but common sense isn't really a strong point of mine.

As it turns out, the 'shit' job may not be paying me my final wages and holiday pay. The reason being the company (D2 by the way, a clothes shop that probably would have done alright if it was managed properly) have gone into administration. It's galling to think of how I worked my ass off, possibly for nothing. Especially when I'd tried to hand my notice in 3 times. I was wrecked working them hours. Good for nothing. Unable to spend quality time with my family and friends. And now it might've all been for nothing.

I know when I'm basking in the sun this will be the last thing on my mind but just as the minute, while it's all up in the air and it's still in my face, I feel pretty pissed off. It's just the icing on the cake from this company. All the shit that I've put up with from them and I might not even get what is owed to me. Still, it's not just me who's affected. There will be people within the company who aren't relying on the money for the holiday of a lifetime but to feed and heat their family. Our government sucks. But you live and you learn. I hope. I have learned to trust my gut instinct. I have never liked mixing letters and numbers together. D2 have just confirmed this.

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