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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

At Least They Let Me In

It´s been a long 36 hrs. That´s how long I´ve been awake. Tell a lie, I did snatch 3 hrs earlier on but I´m not convinced it was the most restful of naps.

I arrived in Mexico City at 5 O´Clock this morning. My rucksack didn´t. Apparently this happens all the time but it was the last thing I was expecting. I was worrying about everything else but. The guy at the airport said he´d forward it to my hostel but didn´t actually write down the address of my hostel. I´ve been trying to phone them all day but they don´t answer. I just hope when I go back to the airport tomorrow it´ll be waiting for me. If not I´m just gonna have to buy everything I need. Luckily I´m in one of the cheapest places for it though I didn´t really account for it in my budget.

The clothes aren´t important. Nothing in it really is except my camera. But I´d bought a Paulo Cohelo book in New York called Brida about an Irish girl who meets a wise man who lives in the woods and teaches her to trust in the goodness of people and she meets a woman who teaches her to dance to the music of the world. I bought it because I believe in these philosophies and I love Paulo Cohelo. I´m a bit gutted about that too but it´s not like I´ll never get to read it.

Aside from that though it´s fantastic being in Mexico. I met up with Chris this morning who showed me around a bit and informed me there is a Zoo at the park, which is free on Sundays. That´s definitely on my list of things to do. It´s just great being somewhere different ¨{NYC doesn´t count as being different}. I love different cultures and it reminds me of my time in Thailand. Not that the cultures are similar but just that feeling of newness and adventure.

That´s how I met Chris and his fiance actually. In Thailand. And it´s been a big help having a friendly face around. We´re gonna go out for Mescale (a tequila like licquor derived from the cactus plant) on Friday night and eat the best (according to Chris) tacos in the whole of Mexico and, possibly, the world.

I tried phoning home but it´s far too confusing. But I explained my problem to the guy at the internet shop and he was really helpful and phoned the airport for me (they didn´t answer for him either) but even him just trying to help was enough to console me a bit.

Mel said they lost her luggage at JFK as well. So they seem to have a problem transporting it. Excuse my language but they´re fucking noobs. And what kind of way is that to honour one of their greatest Presidents? Making a total royal fuck-up. Tomorrow´s a new day though and regardless if I get this sorted the sun will be shining.


Hails said...

Ouch, lost luggage... somehow I've managed to avoid that so far! Hope it turns up soon. Happy to see a post from you - don't leave it so long next time! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey sweetie. I'm glad you got to Mexico safely. I really hope you get your bag back because that book is so beautiful and i really want you to read it. Make sure you keep us all updated as much as you can anyway. Love you loads xxxx

Dirt Bird

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the rucksack and enjoy yhe cun, food and tequila type stuff. Dad. xxxxx

hootchinhannah said...

I got me luggage back!!!

I did actually write a reply to these comments but it´s disappeared into the ether.

DB, i sent you an email to yr work. I can´t wait to read Brida. Reading a good un at the minute though called Broken. Sort of a modern day take on To Kill A Mocking Bird.

Cheers Dad, I´ll drink a mescale for you and get pics of the animals at the zoo. Love you mucho xxx