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Saturday, January 30, 2010

¿Have I Really Only Been Gone 2 Weeks?

This week I have mostly been.....a Fag Hag. Last night I was at a gay bar called Lipstick. Yep, it´s a strange name for a gay bar. The guys that work at the bar don´t wear shirts and as I was waiting for my drink a Mexican guy said to me "I think you want to make sex with the bar man"! Hmmmm not as much as he did methinks!

Also, when I was at the university with Ike the other day (another gay Mexican - I know many!) he was explaining to me what his teacher was a doctor in. His explanation was: He is doctor of....hmmm....if you want to make big boobies!. A plastic surgeon was obviously the term he was looking for.

So while it has been a very gay week (both in sexual orientation and happiness) I´ve felt like I´ve really got to experience Mexican culture. More so than just eating the food and being here. Jose took me and JF to Coyoacan on Thirsday. The name comes from the Aztec meaning "Place of the Coyote" and it´s wear the house of the artist Frieda is. It´s such a different place compared to the area I´m staying in. Much more traditional, with cobbled streets and quaint wee houses. It was so relaxing compared to the hub of the Zona Rosa.

The evenings have been spent drinking Mezcale and having Mexican people try to teach me to dance Salsa. I knew I was terrible but they were very kind and told me it was good for my first effort. Today I have done very little. I didn´t sleep so good last night because 2 of the guys at my youth hostel are snorers so I´ll be happy to try to get an early night and be sleeping long before they start their god-awful nose racket.

Ah, I know I have so much more to write about but my head´s a bit fuzzy today from the Mezcale and Pina Coladas. There´s an Irish bar not too far from here I want to go to some night because they have Irish food. I don´t miss Irish food I´m just really curious to see what Mexicans class as "Irish food". Somehow I can´t really see an Ulster Fry being on the menu. I´ll let ye´s know.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're having a great time but maybe time to move on? 6 months will go by in a flash. dad xxxxx

hootchinhannah said...

Hey, whose holiday is this dad!! LOL only joking, I´m waiting on Danny getting here on Thursday then we´re heading to Oaxaca after a few days. And then I´m thinking about Guatemala but who knows what might happen!