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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Box Ticked

Imagine my joy and relief when I received the letter to confirm that I had passed all my coursework and exams (still 6 hours to complete and a bit of paperwork to sign off and then...I'M DONE!). Imagine, then, my even greater joy and relief when I sat my driving test a couple of weeks ago and...miracle of miracles...I passed :)

I conquered my nemisis. I put it down to several things, a list comprised in no particular order of how much it contributed but which includes; rescue remedy (placebo or not I took it and it worked), an instructor that I had a good bond with (why oh why did I give money to people who just couldn't teach me in the way I needed to be taught?), the counsellor I saw who worked somatically with me to release tension and stress from my body, the completion of my degree and knowing that I was supported by professionals who had faith in me, positive self-talk and visualising my facebook status update and how many likes I would get (I knew people were rooting for me :), my family who helped ease the financial burden and, because I realise that a lot of these things, while they helped to boost my confidence rely on external influences, I can't forget the most important thing that helped me to pass my test...belief in myself.

So, while I mop the up the cheese that has just dripped onto the floor, I just wanna say that, the novelty hasn't worn off yet. I passed my driving test!!