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Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Jigsaw Is Complete

Phew! It's been a helluva busy week. Last weekend Dad and the Loverly Linda were visiting so Zoe entertained them by taking them on an open-top guided bus tour around Belfast. I came along for the ride and was kept amused by the guide's jokes about the IRA, the Provisional IRA, the Real IRA, Caffeine Free IRA and the I Can't Beleive It's Not The IRA.

Zoe drove us back to her's where we met up with Nelly and Bertram for a big feed of Indian. I had to laugh at Bert and Dave who were dabbing the sweat form their necks and whose faces were going bright red while Nelly and the Loverly Linda sat perfectly composed through the scoffings of Balti's and Vindaloo's. Then Zoe brought out her famous Chocolate Guinness Cake

Later on the week Nelly and I did some house-hunting which proved to be a total pain in the arse with dodgy dickhead's and precious snobs who didn't want granny's house reeking of fags. Well, don't worry, Granny's house is safe from us as we have found a much nicer, sweeter house where the land lord don't care if we smoke or not as long as we pay the rent. As it should be. We found the house the first day Jamie got here which I thought was sort of miraculous cosidering. We have been kindly donated furniture and a bed, we're moving in this week and when jamie gets himself all broadbanded up we'll finally have a home. All is good and I'm happy.

Although Jamie made it here in one piece sadly the wee gear box in his car didn't. He drove from Dumfries to Cullybackey with only 3rd and 4th gear functioning. Luckily Ploppy Pants is on the case. He's my brand new hero. Jamie that is, not Ploppy Pants.

On Friday night we went out with Nelly and Bert to meet Mr and Mrs Toaster. Although I'd met Mr Toaster I'd never met his wife who was pretending to be herself and was absolutely lovely. I ended up getting quite drunk by drinking not only all my own Jameson's but also all of Jamie's aswell. And now I have a whole week off work to make my new house beautiful. I have my big strong handsome man to keep me warm at night. Everything has just fallen exactly in to place just when it needed to so I'm a very happy girly.