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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Reality Doesn't Exist

It's two nights before I leave for Thailand. Seems like I have grown up a little because I have an itinery (ha! just spell checked and it's itinerary...even more sophisticated). I came back early from a disasterous holiday a week or so ago. It had nothing to do with itineraries or lack of them. But it made me think. I'm too old to be sleeping in airports and train stations. And alleyways. Especially ones inhabited by potentially rabid dogs. So out of 28 days away I can account for having a roof over my head for 26 of them. I can't resist a bonus 2 day surprise "let's jump on a train and get off at a random stop" type adventure. One has to allow for a bit of blowholing in the wind.

But it's my dog I want to write about. I finished work on the 20th of February. You never seen a girl skip outta work so full of glee and smugness. I shoulda known that smugness would bite me in the ass. But I enjoyed that feeling for what what it was worth. I left for my first holiday on the 22nd February. It was...exhausting. I came home two weeks ago. Ziggy isn't one for going buck crazy. He was pleased to see me but he was self contained. So not much licking my face and being hyper. I just jumped into the van and Ziggy plonked himself firmly on my knee and that was his way of saying "welcome home mummy, all is well with the world".

And...well, since that moment I came back he's pretty much stuck like glue to me. I feel a difference as well. I'm not under pressure, I'm not tired from work. I've been here constantly except for the odd coffee date Ziggy couldn't attend. We've done a lot of lazing around. We've had walks here and there. We've visited Ziggy's best friends. It's what I'd been promising him (but secretly promising myself) all those months ago to get me through the busy times. And here it is...and it has been lovely. But now the heart-wrenching bit where I leave him for even longer. It's only 4 weeks Zigatron. And then we get to live in our bubble for 12 more days before reality starts to exist again. I'm really enjoying reality not existing at the minute :)