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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One Month Today

The Fear as really hit me. It's one month today that I embark upon my journey. That would be ok if I could just sit and wait for it to happen but I've still a million and one tings to do. And work is so busy that it's difficult to muster the energy to do anything on my time off.

Today I have to visit the quack and see what injections I need. Then I have to go into town and do pretty much ALL my xmas shopping. Then I have to come home and sort out the mountain of dirty washing that's been piling up in my room. I have to go to the bank and deposit many, many bags of change I've been hoarding. Today is my only chance to do all this as it's my only day off between now and Christmas day (well, I'm off on Sunday but will no doubt be nursing a pretty spectacular hangover after my work xmas do).

So today is rather precious but instead of getting stuck into everything I need to do I've chose to blog about it first. I clearly have my priorities right. Next week my girls get here (Mels and Dirt Bird) so it's important that I get all the mundane stuff out of the way so I can enjoy some quality time with them. Mel, mum and I will partake in a Boxing Day Bun Off, which should be fun, and Dirt Bird has requested a lesson in Nelly's special pancake-making skills. There will be some Weston's Perry (£1.29 a pint and 7.4% alcohol!!!!) drank, whiskey, wine and maybe even a wee Buckfast or too. Buns will be eaten and smokes will be smoked.

Then after I eat like a horse over the festive period I have the pleasure of having a wisdom tooth removed. I may do what Z done and keep my tooth in a little box and take it with me. I don't like the idea of not being so wise. Right, off I go to do stuff that needs to be done.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

From A to B

I'm a traveler who doesn't really like traveling. I'm not sure if it's laziness or a disliking to being confined to vessels and timetables. I think it's more the latter as I hate being restricted. Though it is part laziness too as there's so much organising involved and I am not a big fan of organising.

I have been wondering for years now, why haven't they invented teleportation? And not this silly notion of needing portals to get from A to B, no, an actual button at the side of our neck that instantly transports us from one place to the other. So when we're too drunk to walk we can just teleport home.

So anyway, I love being in other places and I don't mind traveling if it's aimlessly, with no place to be at no particular time. But I hate long distance flights and bus journey's. They are long and boring, and I can't get off the plane whenever I want. I always loved the idea of jumping on a train and getting off whenever I felt like it or when I liked the look of a town. Everything's so regimented these days though it's hard to travel with real freedom.

Though, I suppose I should also note that, it's whilst taking these plane and bus journey's that you have some of your best experiences because there's so much opportunity to interact with people. Not only that, the actual traveling part gives you time for reflection, or reading, or writing or knitting (if that's your kind of thing), all of which are enjoyable. I still think they should hurry up and invent teleportation though.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Down The Pub

D put this pic up on Flickr. He titles it Martha's Reaction At Final Whistle He admitted that he used a little artistic license but she was watching the Ireland Vs S. Africa match that Saturday and she Ireland did win so it wasn't total lies.

In other news...I did go into work that next day (after threatening to walk out) and I did say to my boss: I'm giving you my one week's notice, do you want it in writing. I'm still not free from their evil clutches though. I didn't have the heart to let her down over Christmas. My New Year's Resolution is to grow some balls.

Fat Face Freddy's diet totally fell to an arse and, not only that, the good Holly cat is getting kinda chubby too. I think the kitekat self service is back on. Oh, and Auntie Ganching was home last weekend. She regaled me with stories of horrendous bus crashes in S.America and listed off all the dangers I would most definitely face (kidnapping, rape, muggings, murder). I'm all set now to face an almost certain horrific death. Least I'll die in a nice warm country.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Getting Stuff Done

I booked my flight home from S.America to London via Madrid. I'm gonna spend a couple of days in Madrid then I land in London 2 days before Katkins wedding. I'm glad I've booked it because it means I don't need to worry about spending all my money on whiskey. It was also beginning to roar my head looking at endless flights home via different routes. The way that I'm traveling I won't have to back track on myself.

Also, it has put mum's mind at rest that I won't be landing in New York and not allowed into the country because I've no return flight home. That doesn't matter though because I'm worried that they might not believe the person in my passport photo is actually me. It was taken years ago and I've been told many times that I look like a serial killer in it (especially if it's a photocopy).

I also did my online ESTA thingy. They approved it but say it doesn't guarantee me entry into the USA. I maybe should've got a new passport. Especially considering one of Brad's darling cats peed on it in Thailand. I've been sorting stuff out left, right and centre but it still feels like there's a lot to do. I'm currently trying to delete all the shite off my itunes so I've got the perfect playlist for traveling. I remember when me and Earthworm Jim went backpacking round Europe we spent days making several mini disc compilations. We bought external speakers for it and stocked up in loads of batteries. We remembered to bring everything but the mini discs. Now technology is so clever I don't have to worry about bringing the discs. But I will cry if I forget my ipod.