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Thursday, December 10, 2009

From A to B

I'm a traveler who doesn't really like traveling. I'm not sure if it's laziness or a disliking to being confined to vessels and timetables. I think it's more the latter as I hate being restricted. Though it is part laziness too as there's so much organising involved and I am not a big fan of organising.

I have been wondering for years now, why haven't they invented teleportation? And not this silly notion of needing portals to get from A to B, no, an actual button at the side of our neck that instantly transports us from one place to the other. So when we're too drunk to walk we can just teleport home.

So anyway, I love being in other places and I don't mind traveling if it's aimlessly, with no place to be at no particular time. But I hate long distance flights and bus journey's. They are long and boring, and I can't get off the plane whenever I want. I always loved the idea of jumping on a train and getting off whenever I felt like it or when I liked the look of a town. Everything's so regimented these days though it's hard to travel with real freedom.

Though, I suppose I should also note that, it's whilst taking these plane and bus journey's that you have some of your best experiences because there's so much opportunity to interact with people. Not only that, the actual traveling part gives you time for reflection, or reading, or writing or knitting (if that's your kind of thing), all of which are enjoyable. I still think they should hurry up and invent teleportation though.


Anonymous said...

my telporting needs would be quite simple. to and from work would mean i could lie in bed longer (once i start work that is). wWould make Stoke games more accessible (if i an get a ticket). Sunshine and warm weather. Go on holiday come home for meals!xxxxx

hootchinhannah said...

So you wouldn't mind walking to and from the pub then? I'd just teleport everywhere. From upstairs to downstairs! Especially handy, I think, if you're camping and you wake up in the middle of the night needing a wee. I'd teleport back home to the toilet for sure. My needs are quite simple too.