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Friday, December 04, 2009

Getting Stuff Done

I booked my flight home from S.America to London via Madrid. I'm gonna spend a couple of days in Madrid then I land in London 2 days before Katkins wedding. I'm glad I've booked it because it means I don't need to worry about spending all my money on whiskey. It was also beginning to roar my head looking at endless flights home via different routes. The way that I'm traveling I won't have to back track on myself.

Also, it has put mum's mind at rest that I won't be landing in New York and not allowed into the country because I've no return flight home. That doesn't matter though because I'm worried that they might not believe the person in my passport photo is actually me. It was taken years ago and I've been told many times that I look like a serial killer in it (especially if it's a photocopy).

I also did my online ESTA thingy. They approved it but say it doesn't guarantee me entry into the USA. I maybe should've got a new passport. Especially considering one of Brad's darling cats peed on it in Thailand. I've been sorting stuff out left, right and centre but it still feels like there's a lot to do. I'm currently trying to delete all the shite off my itunes so I've got the perfect playlist for traveling. I remember when me and Earthworm Jim went backpacking round Europe we spent days making several mini disc compilations. We bought external speakers for it and stocked up in loads of batteries. We remembered to bring everything but the mini discs. Now technology is so clever I don't have to worry about bringing the discs. But I will cry if I forget my ipod.


Musings of Mel said...

Dude - I can comletely sympathesise with not looking like yourself in your passport photo. I got interrogated at Schipol last year as they didn't think the photo was of me. I had to show my ears in the end - weird. Can ye see your ears in the passport photo? I'm sure you'll be fine!!

Coming home via Portugal is a good idea too - a nice sunny place to stop off first with amazing beaches. Ace.

Will give you a call soon - not long until I'm home. Yay yay yay!


hootchinhannah said...

I was actually thinking of that when writing it!! You can see my ears in my passport pic and they are quite distinctive so should be all good.

Man, I'm sitting here eating a malteaster bunny and caramel mini eggs and it's nowhere even near Easter yet. It's crazy but I'm not complaining.

Dude, you do know that Madrid is in Spain, don't you?! LOL