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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Even Pearlie Likes Her

I guess it's about time I introduced the latest addition to the Nellybert clan. Her name is Judy and though she looks really cross in this picture she's really very cute. She's a bolshy one though. It took her no time to settle down and she has yet to learn the pecking order. Every human, cat and dog in the house is her plaything. The humans are dealing with the toilet training but I think Bonnie Dog will take it upon herself to teach the pup some manners.

She is very, very sweet. She lies on my lap and has a snooze every morning before work. She makes puppy groans when she stretches. She runs after Bonnie hanging off her tail, which Bonnie detests but it's funny all the same. And then there's the fact that she's gorgeous. She's chocolate brown with a white neck and paws and lovely blue eyes. And even Pearlie likes her so she must be good.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Meditating Buddha

Originally uploaded by hootchinhannah
They have a lake in Retiro Park, Madrid where you can hire out rowboats. After a hectic few days a relaxing boat trip was just what we needed. We spotted a girl on dry land looking serene and calm. Just after I took this snap of her we saw another girl approaching from behind, creeping up on her. We watched in suspense waiting for the friend to pounce and make the girl jump. The moment came and we laughed as we secretly shared their joke. Then the waiting girl stood up to greet her (girl)friend and they indulged in a passionate kiss! Good on them says I. It's one of the things I love about photography though. If I hadn't explained the story behind this picture no one would have guessed that the meditating Buddha was waiting on her lesbian lover.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Dr. D, Mr. J And The Tale Of The Curs-ED Lighter

Mr J has somehow managed to be in possession of the infamous curs-ED lighter. In an attempt to get rid of it he offers his good frrind Dr. D a choice between the lighter and the beautiful blood stained geetar.

Haha The Curse Is On You Now Dr. D

Little does Dr. D know that by accepting the curs-ED lighter he has now fallen victim to an evil, wicked curse.

Mr J Plays The Blood Stained Geetar

Once Dr. D realises his fate he tries his hardest to give back the curs-ED lighter to Mr. J who tells him to piss off and gets back to his rendition of She's Electric by Oasis

Eat It

Dr. D is so desperate to get rid of the curs-ED lighter that he tries to force feed it to Mr. J.

Crucify Me

Dr. D has no choice but to accept his fate.


The two friends share a tender moment before Dr. D falls into the clutches of evil.

The Madness Begins

It's too late for Dr. D now the evil has taken hold. He still finds time though to hang out with Jesus and see if he can light his cigarette with the fire in his eyes.

Cross Dressing Demon

Dr. D's soul has now been taken over by a cross dressing demon. Mr. J is sad to have lost a friend in Dr. D but he feels he's gained a new, more interesting friend in the cross dressing demon. A happy ending after all.