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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Happy Days

Yaaay!!! Nelly is finally all bradbanded up which means the prospect of sitting in front of a computer writing blogs, posting photos, sending emails and all that just seems so much easier, unless of course you have a Harry ze Cat sitting on your lap trying to nuzzle you.

So I was thinking with Nelly getting her broadband she would spend less time on the computer because everything is so much quicker but no, she spends just as long on it but gets twice as much done. See, once you get spoilt for broadband there's no going back.

My week off work was fantastic although I could maybe do with a liver transplant after it. So many people to catch up with and they're all a bunch of bloody boozers. And drinks are so cheap in the student's union. It's a recipe for disaster really.

I brought my saxophone back with me which Nelly hates because Bert has been itching to play it for a good while now and she knows a sax is much louder than a whistle. Jamie has ordered me to play at least 15 minutes each day. I played abit on Sunday but I have left it so long that I may as well be a beginner all over again. I didn't play yesterday as it was my first day back at work and I was too tired but I did play today (see Jamie, I kept my promise and any days I have off Bert will make sure he does an extra 15 minutes for me).

A few weeks ago at work I was asked by my floor manager if I was interested in working my way up the Next ladder to do senior sales. I told her I was happy enough being an underling for now and would probably use my degree (although this was a lie) to start a career. Today they told me they were training me up for senior sales anyway. Whether I liked it or not. Well, fuck them, let them train me up and then when I have my newly acquired skills I will leave Next to work in some other clothes shop, like Primark maybe.

Anyway, I'll think about updating flickr sometime.....soon.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Big Smoke

I finally did enough time at Next to earn myself a whole week's holiday. I've taken this opportunity to come to Stoke and visit Jamie face and all my muckers. Coming back has been strange but nice. A part of me feels so safe and secure here I don't feel like I'm on holiday. At the same time though I remember what it's really like to live here and I know it's a good thing to have left. It's all to do with opportunities and there just are none in Stoke. It's been good to be back though and be reminded of that.

Anyway, I said a while ago that this blog would be no more and it would be called something else and written by me and Jamie. I've changed my mind now and me and Jamie are sharing a blog but I'm gonna keep this one going to. I can't just kill it off, it seems wrong. We haven't set asnything up yet but it will be over at My Space and I'll provide links and everything when it's up and running. I know that it's kinda silly to start up another blog when I'm so bad at updating this one but my sweet salt face will hopefully take some of the pressure off.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Happy New Year

It's been a while but I've finally managed to drag my lazy ass off the sofa and come write a post. But to be fair, I've had excuses. It's been Christmas and I was sick not just with a bad tummy ut the lurgi as well. And toothache. Also, I only had two days off for Christmas. Which sucks and I plan never to be in a job ever again where I don't get at least 4 days off for Christmas. And another reason is that my gorgeous boyfriend was here and we had better things to do than blogging.

Anyway, while Jamie was here we got chatting. The Palace of Heavenly Pleasure will be no more. I can't find the time and energy to update enough and make it as interesting and exciting as it could or should be. Instead a new blog will be born. It will be mine and Jamie's. This will take some of the pressure off for me because Jamie has better internet access and he can update more often than I can. It will also motivate me to post more regularly and it is a good way for me Jamie to share something even though we are hundreds of miles apart.

They want to keep me on at Next and as I haven't found another job yet I will stay on until something better comes along. I've earned myself a week's holiday from the place which I'm taking in a couple of weeks and going to visit everyone in Stoke. I wonder what it will feel like to be back there?