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Monday, November 28, 2005

When I'm chatting to my darling Jamie sweet cheeks on the phone there's always something I forget to tell him until it mounts up and there's loads of things I keep meaning to say. Like, when he called into work the day I'd gone home early my work mate Liz saw him. Liz is a middle aged doll with young waynes and she works there part-time. So she asked me if that was my boyfriend in work looking for me last week and I sais 'Aye, poor thing was waiting out there for ages and I was sailing on the bus home' and she says 'He was nice' and I'm thinking she was meaning nice when she said 'Aye, I like the rugged type'. So she meant nice. She said I could tell him that he had middle aged admirers and I told her he'd be chuffed. Bet you are baby.

I also forgot to tell him about me sending out a staff announcement on the intercom saying 'Call on line 2 for ladie's wear' and ending it with 'Thankyou, Bye Bye' I could feel my face burn up almost immediately. But as well as all these things I forget to tell Jamie there are lots of things that I keep meaning to blg about but always forget. Like the incident with Mel, a cup of tea, a ducth shortcake biscuit and a pair of scissors.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Jamie's Wee Visit.

Last week jamie came to visit. He came on Thursday in time for music night. On Friday the poor thing and to wait around Ballymena for hours holding a bunch of flowers for a girl who'd gone home ages ago. We went out to O'Rawes with Lee and Bert and suffered the next day. Gillies on Saturday night where we were treated to a repertoire of music that we practice on our Thursday nights. We wakled back home from the pub on Saturday night. It was a cold and foggy evening but really atmospheric to be walking in the countryside at the dead of night. Jamie cooked delicious pasta and chicken on Monday night and we ate the best wee buns ever. I can't mind what they're called but they were tasty. On tuesday night we left Jamie to the airport and went to visit the wee manny and ate Ovaltines which are not the nicest bun in the world. The ingredients were rather miscellaneous and a bit sickly sweet.

I didn't want Jamie to go back to England 'cause we'd had such a nice time. When he did get back he had to spend the night at Manchester train station. Poor Jamie, always getting stranded.
All I can think of now is wee buns. I wonder should I go down to the shop and get some?
I went to the Ulster bank to see if they would let me withdraw the last remaining 2 pound 30 something from my Natwest account. But no, they couldn't. The only thing they can do is cash cheques if you have a Natwest account, which is useless if you only have a couple of pounds. So to set the record straight, the Ulster bank and Natwest are both useless. And if either banks are keeping you in designer suits then it is only at the expense of less fortunate beings and creatures.

I'm finding it tough maintaing a blog life as well as a full time job. I've rarely worked full time and I remember now that there was a very good reason for this. Having said that though my job is ok and I kow there are a lot worse. But it seems that nearly every job I have done since leavng university, I find myself thinking this job is ok but it's not as good as Student Support. Student support is the kind of job that if you're working with someone you get along with it can be fantastic. If you don't get along with the person then it can be pretty tough. Fortunately for me I'm the kind of person who can get on with most folk and even if I don't I'm very good at pretending. So after a month of working at Next I have remembered that while I would do just about anything for money (just about, I don't think I would be someone's footstool for any amount of money) there are certain types of work that I definitely prefer to do and support work is one of them.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Hurray For McSquirter

When we moved into our new house we still needed the TV ariel put up. The man who did our electrics, Jeemy McSquirter, said he could do our ariel too. The first time he came over he was able to get us channels 1 to 5 picture perfect but the RTE channels were a bit fuzzy. We told him we weren't that bothered about RTE and that we were happy enough with the ariel but McSquirter insisted on getting it 100 per cent perfect. Come 5 O'clock he gave up for the day but said he'd be back the next with a booster. So he came back the next day, and the next and a few other days the following week. When he came he seemed to be here for ages but never succeded in fixing RTE. Spent most of his time gunning and gassing and talking to the dogs. The whole thing had become a joke to me and Nelly and Bert.

Then I came back home from work one day and Bert flicked through all the extra RTE channels and said 'Guess who was here today'

'McSquirter', I said 'But sure look the picture's no better than that first day he was here'

'Aye , I know, he's coming back some other day to try something else with it'

And the next morning as I was watching TV before heading out to work I flicked over to RTE One and thought, McSquirter, My Hero, as there before me was an episode of Neighbours. So ow I can keep up to date with Dr. Karl and Susan's reunion and Joe Mangle getting together with Lyn. And it's all thanks to Jeemy.

Today is my big sister's lover man's birthday and thery're off to Mexico. I forgot to say it to Dave before so, Happy Birthday Dave hope you have a lovely time. Zoe, you will be pleased to here I am keeping up the domestic goddess image. Today I made chocolate fudge which tastes yummy but has a weird texture almost a bit like Kendal mint cake. This was because I made it using evaporated milk rather than condensed. Or maybe I cooked it too high.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

A Rose From God

Last Friday night I went out for a few drinks with my sister Zoe. When I came back home I was carrying a single red rose. Bert wanted to know where it came from.

God gave me it.

Bert wanted to know how God had given me it.

An angel sent it.

So I explained. We had left the pub and were walking up the street when this girl came running after us and gave us each a single red rose. She said it was from God and it was to show us that no matter how much any man says he loves us he doesn't love us as much as God does. Zoe was trying hard to stifle her giggles.

So I was telling Jamie about this and he thought it was nice of God to give us roses. After my second day at work I got home and Bert told me a package had arrived for me. I opened it up and there was another single red rose. Not from God but from Jamie. But he'd outdone God and sent me another wee flower (Bert called it baby's breath) AND............


So you see, this girl was wrong because Jamie must love me more than God does. God didn't send me any chocolates.