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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Clint on Trees

I think Weeping Willows are lovely. So lovely that I want to plant one. But it's always good to talk to people about things before you do them so I asked Bert's old school chum Clint who happens to know a thing or two about horticulture. I said to him:

Clint, do you know anything atall about Weeping Willows?

says he, Take nothing to do with them!

And then he proceeded to rant for about half an hour on the nuisances of Weeping Willows. So what kind of tree would Clint have me plant? When driving down to the Rare Breeds Show in Omagh, Clint commented,

That's a lovely tree.

And why's that Clint. Why is it a lovely tree?

It's that round.

Friday, May 23, 2008

A Wee Story

There was a young lass called Eliza. She decided she would make some special butter and with that special butter she would make some buns. She asked her stepfather Barnardo how to make the special butter. He told her, a wee bit o' this and a wee bit o' that and boil it all together. Eliza followed his instructions closely but what Barnardo had failed to tell her was that if she used a plastic spatula to stir the butter the spatula would melt. Whoops! But it was only a little bit and Eliza decided to continue making her special butter. And very well it turned out too.

When the butter was ready Eliza started to make the buns. She had made sure she had all the ingredients she needed. Barnardo had advised her, when making the buns, to use half of the special butter and half normal butter. But when it came to it Eliza had realised she'd used all the butter to make special butter. Oh dear!

She carried on regardless. The mixture was made, the buns were baking and Barnardo took to licking the bowl with great relish. We all agreed that the buns would be very tasty. When they were ready Barnardo didn't want any as he was already sat in a stupour. Eliza's mum had one and Eliza had one and some crumbs and some more crumbs. Then Eliza wrote this wee story about her special butter.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Inspired By Nelly

I totally stole this idea from Nelly but it was a nice idea to steal. 10 things that make me happy:

1. Walking dogs on a sunny day through the forest.

2. Laughing so hard that it hurts.

3. Putting smiles on people's faces.

4. Singing and dancing to my favourite songs.

5. Climbing trees.

6. Exploring countries and places I've never been to before.

7. Letting my imagination run wild.

8. Special days with my family.

9. Crazy days with my friends.

10. **f**h ***re**i* **w**t*e ***

If you can work out no. 10 you are very clever indeed. Of course there are many more things that make me happy but these are the ones that stick out. The object of the game now is to do all 10 things in 1 day, which could be difficult although not impossible. Except for No. 10 maybe!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Kentucky Fried Rooster

Bert and I have just been trying to remember all the reservoir dogs characters, who played them and which one was which. It hurt my head so much thinking about it that I had look it up. This all stemmed from a converstaion we had about how many different colours are surnames. I never knew that blue was one.

Another thing I never knew, or ever really thought about until I came home one Sunday evening to see Herbert the evil eye-pecking rooster dead, plucked, roasted and sitting on the bench, is that we eat male animals. Since then I haven't quite felt the same way about eating poultry. Mum and Bert think I'm very naive for having always believed that any chicken I eat is actually chicken but the lovely Mels seemed to be quite shocked by this revelation as well.

The wind obviously heard I was gonna kick it's ass because the weather's been bliss for days now. It was so warm in bed the other night I dreamt I was back in Thailand. I remember saying it's so good to be back in this heat. Apart from the warmth it was nothing like Thailand. Speaking of which, although I really miss being there and I still want more adventures, it's amazing what being away from home can do to make you appreciate it*

*Don't worry mum, I don't plan to live with you and Bert for ever. I am a girl with itchy feet after all.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Raiders Of The Lost Ark

I blame f**ebook for my recent lack of blogging. It seems I can sum up my whole life in one sentence, and so I do, by reguarly updating my profile status. It seems my mind is not clear enough to write.

Having said that, good things have been happening. My boss bought me a scratch card for my birthday and I won £2. I bought another one and one £4. I bought another 2 and one £8. You can kind of see the logic behind my thinking. When Mel and I went to town on Monday I bought 4 cards and we scratched them all as we drank coffee in the beer garden. I won £52 altogether. I also found £20 on the way to work the other day. They call me lucky Hannah. They don't really. But they should.

This post is brief because it's Friday night and I have a date with a bottle of Jamesons.