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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Kentucky Fried Rooster

Bert and I have just been trying to remember all the reservoir dogs characters, who played them and which one was which. It hurt my head so much thinking about it that I had look it up. This all stemmed from a converstaion we had about how many different colours are surnames. I never knew that blue was one.

Another thing I never knew, or ever really thought about until I came home one Sunday evening to see Herbert the evil eye-pecking rooster dead, plucked, roasted and sitting on the bench, is that we eat male animals. Since then I haven't quite felt the same way about eating poultry. Mum and Bert think I'm very naive for having always believed that any chicken I eat is actually chicken but the lovely Mels seemed to be quite shocked by this revelation as well.

The wind obviously heard I was gonna kick it's ass because the weather's been bliss for days now. It was so warm in bed the other night I dreamt I was back in Thailand. I remember saying it's so good to be back in this heat. Apart from the warmth it was nothing like Thailand. Speaking of which, although I really miss being there and I still want more adventures, it's amazing what being away from home can do to make you appreciate it*

*Don't worry mum, I don't plan to live with you and Bert for ever. I am a girl with itchy feet after all.

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