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Friday, May 09, 2008

Raiders Of The Lost Ark

I blame f**ebook for my recent lack of blogging. It seems I can sum up my whole life in one sentence, and so I do, by reguarly updating my profile status. It seems my mind is not clear enough to write.

Having said that, good things have been happening. My boss bought me a scratch card for my birthday and I won £2. I bought another one and one £4. I bought another 2 and one £8. You can kind of see the logic behind my thinking. When Mel and I went to town on Monday I bought 4 cards and we scratched them all as we drank coffee in the beer garden. I won £52 altogether. I also found £20 on the way to work the other day. They call me lucky Hannah. They don't really. But they should.

This post is brief because it's Friday night and I have a date with a bottle of Jamesons.


Mudflapgypsy said...

Buy a big lotto ticket.

It could be YOU.

Anonymous said...

You ought to charge people to rub themselves on you (not in a pervy way) for good luck. Like a lucky charm - and you're Irish - double whammy!
p.s. - this time 4 weeks - wonder what we'll be doing. hee hee!

hootchinhannah said...

They do say these things come in threes. Or is that bad things?

I like your idea Mels. This time 4 weeks we will no doubt be soaking up some serious culture, visiting museums and commentig on the wonky architecture - can't wait!!