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Friday, March 23, 2007

Challenge Anneka

Within our house we have the makings of a jazz/folk band. We currently have a trumpet, trombone, cornet, clarinet, saxophone, drum machine, two geetars, a couple of harmonicas and I'm sure there's a tin whistle floating about somewhere. The clarinet is here courtesy of Bert via Young Rooney and the drum machine has been borrowed from the Mandolin Man. Oh, I forgot, we also have a Tibetan singing bowl.

Despite all these musical instruments I still have to listen to what can only be described as noise (oh dear, sounding old again). But seriously, Jamie is getting into a form of music that really is only noise. Horrible screeching, scratchy, electronic sounds that fill him with gleeee but make my ears bleed blood from my brains. He says it's soothing. It's like silence to him. Of course this only proves that he's buck mad and has terrible taste in music.

Like I can talk. I still love Courtney and I still love shrieking along with her like a banshee. The more it hurts your throat the better it is for other people to listen to. One of the reasons I love Courtney is the memories I have of being a youngster. Getting drunk with Dirt Bird, Barbie and Horatio in someone's house, which was still in the process of being built. Running around outside playing Challenge Anneka with Barbie screaming we have to get to that tree! Slipping about and falling in the mud.

Eventually Dirt Bird's little sister found as all lying on the ground looking up at the stars, screaming Hole songs. Me and Horatio were meant to stay at Dirt Bird's house that night but were driven home by her dad for being naughty. It was tough stifling our giggles in the car and when we got to Horatio's we crawled up the stairs in drunken hysterics tramping mud all over the carpet. I never laughed so much in my life.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Would You Shoot This Bear?

Should this polar bear be put out of it's misery and shot? A group of animal rights' activists seem to think so. I've been reading this story and beginning to wonder if some people just like having a moral debate for the hell of it.

Do you think, in the cases of children being reared by wolves, that the wolves all sat around wondering if they should just rip the child's throat out and eat him for dinner to 'put him out of his misery' so that he wouldn't be dysfunctional when being integrated into human society? I think they just went with their instincts. Is it not the animal rights' activists who claim that humans and animals have equal rights? Humans are humans and animals are animals but sometimes they intertwine and become humanals. Is that not ok?

I for one think it would be a pure sin to shoot this polar bear. It is healthy and and it's upbringing is not necessarily going to cause it suffering in later life. I watched a man on TV rear bear cubs and human and bear interact magnificently together. If polar bear wants, it can come live with me.

Monday, March 19, 2007

The Shame

Me and Jamie have been helping Holly ze Cat set up her Myspace account. I've been so busy helping her that I've neglected my own wee blog. Not that there's much to report. Holly probably has more going on her life than I do. The weekend was shameful. Not a tap of booze was lipped on St. Paddy's day. On Sunday poor mum had to settle with a messenger (in the form of Jamie) telling her, Happy Mother's day, sorry Hannah hasn't got you a card or a present but she's useless and has no ability to forward plan for such occasions.

In fact, rather than getting roaring drunk on Saturday, me and Jamie spent the day furiously cleaning the house as someone was coming to view it. This involved a lot of clearing out. Things that we save up to be recycled but never actually get round to recycling. I had a couple of bin bags full of clothes for charity. We also had a few bin bags full of bottles and 6 bin bags full of paper to be recycled. It made me feel bad that there was a whole forest in our house. I feel good that it's being recycled but the fact that people can ever accumulate so much paper in the first place is amazing. Most of it was newspapers and tat mags but a lot of it was junk mail and rubbish leaflets they stick through your door. This is what we cut down our oxygen supply for. Bits of rubbish with rubbish on them.

Anyway, it's crap having people come look at your house. It forces you to do housework and all for the sake of 10 minutes. You feel like an idiot pretending to make the house seem nice when really you couldn't give a rat's ass.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Decisions Decisions

A vacancy for a senior sales position has opened up at work. I'm umming and aahing about whether or not to apply for it. I know I am capable of doing the job but I also know that that wouldn't necessarily mean I would get the position. My reasons for not wanting to do it would be that I don't plan for a future career in retail and I'd have to work Saturdays. I also don't know if I would feel comfortable telling my peers what to do. I like my work comrades and would hate for them to resent me if I was to be bossing them around. At the same time I know the staff on my floor are competent and wouldn't need too much bossing around. But I like the dynamics as they are. Hate the work but I like my place within it.

Reasons to go for it would be that it would look good on my CV whether I have a future in retail or not. I've been there a year and a half now and it would look good if I moved up rather than being there 2 years and going nowhere. Obviously an increased wage would help and I know that the girls I work with would rather that I was bossing them around than someone who they didn't get on with. That's not even to say that I would be bossy. I'm just scared that I might be. When I asked the girl who has been promoted from senior sales if I should apply for it she said she had thought of me but she wondered if I would be authoritative enough. She said I should definitely consider it even just to get the practice with the interview.

I think the thing that puts me off the most is the worry that if I did get the position I wouldn't be very good at it. At the minute, as it is, I'm excellent at my job. Although I hate working for a company like them I can't help but take pride in a job well done. I like to be praised and they praise me a lot.

I suppose if I got the position and hated it it would only be short term. It would help me save quicker to get away quicker. I suppose it's not the end of the world if I'm not brilliant at it. It's not my dream in life so it shouldn't bother me. I don't mind change I just hate making the decisions that lead to it.

Monday, March 12, 2007


I feel old. It could be to do with the fact that I work with a lot of 16 and 17 year olds. I get on great with them and think of most of them as older than they are. That is until I mention a TV program from when I was a kid and they go 'Huh?' It used be me going 'Huh?'. When did that change? I feel old. I mean, these are people who don't ever remember Snickers being Marathons! Or they don't remember Secret bars or Vice Versas. I bet some of them don't even know who Jason Donavon is.

I especially feel old living in my hometown. Before Ballymena had the big posh new cinema we used to watch our films and eat our popcorn at the State cinema, which had only 2 screens. I was chatting to some of the girls at work and one of them piped up 'Oh aye, the state cinema. I was there once'

Once. I was there a million times! I watched Ghost there! Back to the future! I've only been to the new one once. How old am I?


Saturday, March 10, 2007

No Prospects In Prospect Place

I'll be 25 this April and have already moved house about 18 times. I haven't lived in 18 different houses but have packed my bags and moved at least 18 times. I seem to spend my life packing my belongings in a bag and unpacking them again. I am the bag lady. Perhaps that's why I found it so easy to live in a tent for 11 weeks. Perhaps that's why I never get attached to a house. Perhaps that's why I never feel settled. Maybe that's why I want to jump ship and do one so often. I suppose it's why the idea of traveling appeals to me so much.

The reason I'm mentioning it is because on the 10th April this year I'll be packing my bags again and moving out of this house. I'll be going to live with Mum and Bert again and Jamie is going back to live with his mum. We'll be moving out on the exact same date as we moved in last year. The reason being that we just couldn't afford it. Well we could but only just about. There was never any money left over to save for travels. We were working all the hours God sent and surviving, only just. It became depressing. It makes me wonder how other couples survive. It makes me wonder how people can afford to have families these days. It makes me wonder what was the point in going to university, racking up loads of debt that can never be paid off because a degree does not guarantee a decent job. It really makes me wonder.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Candy Strippers

I was showing Jamie and Peppy le Peu my new shirt for work. It's red and white vertical stripes so I said to them Look, I'm like a candy striper. Jamie agreed and said something about me working in an ice cream van. I started to doubt myself. Did I even know what a candy striper was? I asked Jamie and Lee if they knew. They didn't. I asked them if they had ever heard of one. They hadn't. They thought I had made the term up. I told them what I thought it was, a girl who worked in a hospital, helping out with the patients. They didn't believe me. I got Jamie to look it up on the internet and lo and behold, I was right. He found this.

It took Jamie a good ten minutes to piece it all together. The red and white striped uniform, why they were called candy stripers. When he seen this
version of the costume he wondered if maybe they weren't called candy stripers but candy strippers.

Monday, March 05, 2007


Originally uploaded by hootchinhannah.
I thought my blog was looking rather bleak like the month of February. A perfect excuse to post a picture of the scritchy scratchy bitcher when she was in better health.

I'm already regretting my last post after having a quick squizz at site meter. There are some things people look up on the internet that wee innocent girls like me should never be subjected to. And there are some people who will be sorely disappointed when they're looking for bum pleasure and they stumble across my site.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Get Your Finger Out Of My Mouth!

Jamie thinks it's dead funny to poke his finger in my mouth when I'm trying to yawn. I hate this as a yawn should be satisfying and a finger is just off-putting. I told Jamie it was like me poking my finger up his bum when he was in the middle of his morning pooh. He disagreed. I told him it was the same thing, a finger being poked in someone's orifice while they were in mid bodily function. He still disagreed. He thinks because he was right about the dog's life debate that he is always right now. There's no telling him.