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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Shine On Sheena

Yeh, I know, 2 posts in 1 day. Goes to show how frazled I am that i forgot to mention the amaaaazing old lady who is a dear friend of my Granny's. I've always known her, my whole life, but it's only now that I seem to have clicked with her. I must admit, she's easy to click with. But she's also not the kind of lady you want to get on the wrong side of. She's no time for nasties.

I swear to God though, if you feel down, sick, miserable, lonely or in any way negative, spend half an hour with this chick and you will come away feeling soothed. She should be used, by doctors, for medicinal purposes. Her name is Sheena and she is not a punk rocker but just an amazing human being.

The reason I found her so endearing is because she radiates positivity. I find this inspiring as positivity breeds positivity. My granny says when she spends time with Sheena her aches and pains go away. I guess this is because Sheena fills her with good feelings, which relaxes her. Though I suffer no aches and pains after I had spent an hour with Sheena I came away feeling elevated. Also, it warms my heart to know that my Granny, and family, have such a good friend.


Imagine working in a non-charity shop where everything costs £3 or less. Coats, jeans, shirts, shoes, skirts, tee's, accessories, everything, £3 or less. Then imagine being the only person working in that shop, with a never-ending queue, people trashing the place, clothes everywhere, children swinging off the empty stands like monkey's and parents too busy buying stuff, like zombies, to care about the safety and well-being of their little monkey's. That was my day.

I tried to go out driving tonight but my brain was too frazzled. Now all I want to do is lie in bed and play click and point games and munch on the Pocky* that lovely Mels sent in the post. Thanks Mels, 'twas a delightful surprise.

*Pocky: A tasty biscuit stick snack originally from Thailand, similar to the Japanese snack Mikado.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Lucky Escape

Somehow Ian Brown led to this. I never liked the original version of Bad but I love it! This is the song it was meant to be. I also stumbled across this and I have nothing more to say than 'Oh My God Michael, what are you wearing???? ' I don't know why I've suddenly taken an interest in Michael now that he's dead but at least he'll never build Leprechaun Land in Ireland now.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Old Shoes New Job

Happy Birthday Dad and Granny!!! Unfortunately I couldn't see my dad today as I'm in Ballymena and he's in Norfolk but at least his Father's day present was delivered to him today. His birthday present will only be a week late. I did manage to see my dear old grandmama though.

I called into my new employee's today. I start next Tuesday and wanted to enquire about footwear. I know I have to wear black trousers and a black t.shirt with the shop's logo on it so I thought I'd probably have to wear smart black shoes. How happy was I when I looked down at my future co-worker's feet to discover that she was brandishing a lovely pair of bottle green converse! So I have no need of rushing out to buy a crappy pair of black shoes that make me look like a gipe as I can wear my beloved Cons.

But yeah, new job! I was head-hunted (does it count if your head-hunted by your best mate in primary school?). It's not full-time so I'm gonna stay with my current employee's as well. But my new job is at a photo-processing shop (I just scoured the internet thinking there must be a proper name for these shops but, no, they are just called photo-processing shops) and I'm hoping it'll encourage me to take a lot more photos. Also, I'll be working with my oldest best mate who makes me laugh so much and remembers all the parts of our childhood that I forget. And I have the dude that comes in every few months and gets at least 50 nude pics of himself developed to look forward to. I'm hoping I have some good stories to tell.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Escape The Wooden 'Shroom

Despite my best attempts to be a good daughter it seems I just can't quite cut the mustard. Dad's birthday is in a mere 2 days (so's my granny's but we'll not even go into me being a bad grand daughter) and I only just ordered his present off Amazon. In my defense, I've had a lot on my mind. I have developed a rather embarrassing addiction to point and click games or, in other words, brain-rot. It doesn't matter what format it takes; escape, detective, find the object, I just seem to keep on pointing and clicking. The reason being it is one of the few things, other than sleep, which is playing host to a few neurotic dreams lately, that actually stops the little cogs of my mind whirring round and round and round.

I've been noticing how drab my blog's been looking so here's a picture to brighten it up. It's me, rubbing the nipple of a magic 'shroom at Electric Picnic last year.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Same Same But Different

I can't remember if I mentioned before how much the chick (Flo maybe?) from Florence and the Machine looks like Vince Noir from The Mighty Boosh. It's freaky. I guess it's 'cause they're both androgynous looking. He's a girly man and she's a boyish girl. Somewhere along the line they meet in the middle.

Right, i'm away to find my dad some presents but if you like Florence and the Machine here's a good wee song.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Blood Has Learnt To Flow

Last night I went out. Not an unusual thing really, I do go out most weekends. But I actually had a good night despite being followed around by a woman 2 years older than me who thought she'd taught me how to 'let my blood flow'. I think my blood knew how to flow and has done since before I was born.

It was Pepe Le Peu's 30th birthday and my favourite Ballymena band (not ust because they are the only Ballymena band) were playing. Unfortunately I missed the Time Warp but I danced my heart out to their version of I feel good. I swear Bassey sings it better than James Brown. I realise it's probably an executable offence claiming Bassey sings the Godfather of Soul's song better than he does but I don't even care.

This afternoon I awoke to a brutal overhang and watched Skeleton Crew which was a bit harsh on my delicat stomach but good fun all the same. I should watch more movies though for they're a nice escape from my overactive mind. Next week I'm granny-sitting. I might get a wee bottle of sherry for Pearlie and a bottle of whiskey for me and we'll play drinking games and listen to girly music. I'll download a bit of Beyonce and then we can watch the complete series of Desperate Housewives. I can WAIT!

Friday, July 17, 2009

On The Lane

Isn't having a computer fantastic! But it is y'know. You can downoad music and films, send emails, write blogs, buy ANYTHING, play games, look at photos, absorb useless information and tootle your life away. But a computer is like a home. If you hang about it too long it gets messy and cluttered. And while I should be tidying my room I'd rather clean up my computer.

I was out driving up and down Clint's lane today. I say driving but I'm still struggling with actually starting the car. There's so much to think about. Clutch, gears, handbrake, acceleration. I'm so busy concentrating on all that that I forget about steering the wheel. It's Bert who's taking me out. The first time he said he nearly wore a hole in the floor 'braking'. Tonight he came out with his tobacco pouch. It's hard work though. It comes naturaally to some people but I'm definitely not one of them. Despite that I'm well pleased with myself 'cause I'm doing a lot better than I thought I would. Small steps though. The idea of driving along side other cars still scares the shit out of me.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Some Day I'll Burst

Please somebody hire me! I'll do whatever you want. I'll wash your feet, sell your product, clean everything, keep records, be your personal slave. All I ask for is minimum wage (I'm not greedy) and standard 37.5 hours a week, preferably Monday - Friiday but I don't mind doing odd weekends. Oh, I also ask that I work in an environment that is free from negative vibes of any kind. Tranquility is the way forward.

Thank God for my mum. She calms the head when it gets roary and stops me from chucking everything up in the air. OK, she didn't manage to stop me walking out on the last job but if she'd heard the way that c**t taunted me she would have done a lot worse. I thought I was patient but clearly I'm not. I'm rather depressed that my blog has been marred by all the bullshit that I can't even discuss in detail. It frustrates me more that I have to skirt around the issue when I'd love to divulge the layers of lies, deceit and drama that has created this whirlwind at work. If only for the fact it would relieve poor mum and poor Jakers from the burden of having to listen to it.

I know I probably could discuss it properly. I don't tell anyone in work that I have a blog and it's pretty unlikely that anyone who works there would accidentally stumble upon it (now if they were looking up dogging in Tardree forest it would be a different story). I guess it's more for my own sake. I know I don't do a professional job but I'm (meant to be) an adult and I feel that I should be professional about things anyway. I'm hoping that it's just a phase and I'll crack and spill the beans. That would be much more cathartic.

In the meantime, Mexico....