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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Old Shoes New Job

Happy Birthday Dad and Granny!!! Unfortunately I couldn't see my dad today as I'm in Ballymena and he's in Norfolk but at least his Father's day present was delivered to him today. His birthday present will only be a week late. I did manage to see my dear old grandmama though.

I called into my new employee's today. I start next Tuesday and wanted to enquire about footwear. I know I have to wear black trousers and a black t.shirt with the shop's logo on it so I thought I'd probably have to wear smart black shoes. How happy was I when I looked down at my future co-worker's feet to discover that she was brandishing a lovely pair of bottle green converse! So I have no need of rushing out to buy a crappy pair of black shoes that make me look like a gipe as I can wear my beloved Cons.

But yeah, new job! I was head-hunted (does it count if your head-hunted by your best mate in primary school?). It's not full-time so I'm gonna stay with my current employee's as well. But my new job is at a photo-processing shop (I just scoured the internet thinking there must be a proper name for these shops but, no, they are just called photo-processing shops) and I'm hoping it'll encourage me to take a lot more photos. Also, I'll be working with my oldest best mate who makes me laugh so much and remembers all the parts of our childhood that I forget. And I have the dude that comes in every few months and gets at least 50 nude pics of himself developed to look forward to. I'm hoping I have some good stories to tell.

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Musings of Mel said...

Brillianto! This is great news and I bet you will get to see loads of odd pictures. Congratulatons dude!