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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Escape The Wooden 'Shroom

Despite my best attempts to be a good daughter it seems I just can't quite cut the mustard. Dad's birthday is in a mere 2 days (so's my granny's but we'll not even go into me being a bad grand daughter) and I only just ordered his present off Amazon. In my defense, I've had a lot on my mind. I have developed a rather embarrassing addiction to point and click games or, in other words, brain-rot. It doesn't matter what format it takes; escape, detective, find the object, I just seem to keep on pointing and clicking. The reason being it is one of the few things, other than sleep, which is playing host to a few neurotic dreams lately, that actually stops the little cogs of my mind whirring round and round and round.

I've been noticing how drab my blog's been looking so here's a picture to brighten it up. It's me, rubbing the nipple of a magic 'shroom at Electric Picnic last year.

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