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Thursday, July 30, 2009


Imagine working in a non-charity shop where everything costs £3 or less. Coats, jeans, shirts, shoes, skirts, tee's, accessories, everything, £3 or less. Then imagine being the only person working in that shop, with a never-ending queue, people trashing the place, clothes everywhere, children swinging off the empty stands like monkey's and parents too busy buying stuff, like zombies, to care about the safety and well-being of their little monkey's. That was my day.

I tried to go out driving tonight but my brain was too frazzled. Now all I want to do is lie in bed and play click and point games and munch on the Pocky* that lovely Mels sent in the post. Thanks Mels, 'twas a delightful surprise.

*Pocky: A tasty biscuit stick snack originally from Thailand, similar to the Japanese snack Mikado.


Musings of Mel said...

Yus - I am glad the Pocky package arrived! There is chocolate flavour too - its a pretty good Thai supermarket. They have all sorts of fruits and noodles and all things good. I might hang out there more often!

hootchinhannah said...

Just add the Thai supermarket to the list of places to see when I come visit you in Edinburgh, which will be God knows when now that I'm working 2 jobs!! Hmmmm, dragonfruit and papaya...