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Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Blood Has Learnt To Flow

Last night I went out. Not an unusual thing really, I do go out most weekends. But I actually had a good night despite being followed around by a woman 2 years older than me who thought she'd taught me how to 'let my blood flow'. I think my blood knew how to flow and has done since before I was born.

It was Pepe Le Peu's 30th birthday and my favourite Ballymena band (not ust because they are the only Ballymena band) were playing. Unfortunately I missed the Time Warp but I danced my heart out to their version of I feel good. I swear Bassey sings it better than James Brown. I realise it's probably an executable offence claiming Bassey sings the Godfather of Soul's song better than he does but I don't even care.

This afternoon I awoke to a brutal overhang and watched Skeleton Crew which was a bit harsh on my delicat stomach but good fun all the same. I should watch more movies though for they're a nice escape from my overactive mind. Next week I'm granny-sitting. I might get a wee bottle of sherry for Pearlie and a bottle of whiskey for me and we'll play drinking games and listen to girly music. I'll download a bit of Beyonce and then we can watch the complete series of Desperate Housewives. I can WAIT!


Anonymous said...

We survived latitude surprisingly well. nick cave awesome. just listening to doves live on saturday on bbc radio 6. can remember taking your mum for a driving lesson and it was scary (sorry mary) but she did fine.xxxxx

hootchinhannah said...

Was Katy there too? Mum couldn't get hold of her at the weekend. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten your belated Father's day present. i also haven't forgot your birthday :) I've been meaning to call you but feeling guilty about late pressies so have buried my head in the sand. Bumped into someone at the weekend who was a blast from the past XXX

I also remember Bert giving her a lesson with me in the back seat. I was convinced we were going to die. What faith I had in her.

Anonymous said...

yeah katy and mark were at latitude with us. apparently people had some problems with phone networks.had forgotten about father's day! who was the blast from the past? xxxxx