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Friday, February 27, 2015

Ziggy The Blog Filler

I'm not sure how it happens but the days just seem to be slipping by. But time is an illusion, right? It's not that the days are slipping away really, just that I have more to fill them and I'm more content. Which makes writing harder. When I first moved into this flat I spent a lot of time writing. No TV or internet to distract me. No dog to walk everyday. Just me and my thoughts. And I had the time and the space to write them down. Now I just doodle pictures and leave notes for Gus. They aren't nasty passive agressive notes but, rather, notes with very important messages, such as: I have just had a very unlady like helping of icecream and I demand that you do the same so that I don't feel so bad. P.S. don't let Ziggy lick the bowl...he'll turn into a gremlin.

I have decided that rather than trying to get Ziggy onto the big screen straight away he might benefit from taking part in some Am Dram. Gus moves around in those kind of circles and could make him some contacts quite easily. He still struggles with obedience and discipline (we had another Beiber incident in the kitchen) and I reckon Am Dram will give him the taste for pleasing an audience and he'll learn to just sit when he's asked to sit, as opposed to rolling over and doing pirouettes.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ziggy and the GCDC's

There's a lot of adult type stuff in my head at the minute. It's no bad thing. I am an adult after all. It mostly revolves around learning to drive and getting a placement for my course. There's a small bit of worry, just enough to spur me on, but I will not to succumb to big time worrying because I have faith that everything will fall into place.

Spending time with my eldest niece is also forcing me to assume my adult authority. I got away with being easygoing funtime auntie Hannah for quite a number of years. Now I have to say 'no' a lot more and learn to feel ok about that. The only time I really have to put my foot down is when we go to the shops and M sees things that she wants. She hasn't quite grasped the concept of money yet. When I tell her I can't afford it she says "But Hannah, you can just go to the bank machine."

The second time I took her up the town M promised me we wouldn't argue. We did. She wanted a Frozen sticker set. Then she saw a balloon and it nearly broke her heart that I didn't buy it. This is when it became clear to me. She just couldn't help herself. She saw, she wanted. The miracle with children is that they live in the immediate moment. Five minutes later and a small lolly in her mouth and all the day's woes are forgotten.

I had both girls round for a playdate on Saturday. The youngest came up the stairs and said "We're here for a celebrate". We celebrated by bouncing on the bed and playing with small stones. M wanted to go up the town and get stuff. I said no. M said "But Hannah, E's here this time and she'll probably have a tantrum and I will help you with her." I gave her credit for her ability to negotiate but the answer was still no.

The GCDC's is the pretend name of our pretend band. We have accquired a new member and two bass guitars. The instruments are the only thing about our pretend band that isn't pretend. As it turns out, both Gus and Jakers are naturals on the bass guitar. I am selling my saxophone to a guy I know who plays drums in a band. He's a bit of a musical genius so he'll pick the sax up no problem and, when he does, I plan to poach him for the GCDC's. I also know a clarinet player, a tin whistler and a mouth organist. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros better watch out 'cos there's a new hippie collective in town. And we have a dog!

Friday, February 06, 2015

Sit, Lie Down, Play Dead and Roll Over

Ziggy fell in love the other night. He's fallen for bitches before but I think this time it's the real deal. Her name is Ella and Ziggy let her eat his dinner. I have nothing to report in my own life. The days are full of laughing and talking in stupid voices. I've told Gus that one day I am going to speak to him only in rhymes.

Spending time with my eldest niece once a week has been wonderful. Last week we built a snowman. Of course I say 'we', it was actually me who did all the building while M ra around in the snow giggling about hom much fun it was to run in the snow. Yesterday we did arts and crafts and in no time M had decorated both a tiara and mirror with time to spare to do a drawing for her Daddy. We also did the apple dance to this song, which entertained Gus greatly!

Ziggy is a clever boy but, like me, he just has to do things his own way. Since he mastered the roll over trick he has no time to wait for commands. In his eagerness to receive a tasty reward, when I ask him to 'sit' Ziggy sits, lies down, plays dead and rolls over in one foul swoop. Here's a little video I took of him. It's not great quality and a bit distorted (seemingly the dropping my phone down the toilet incident had some repurcussions) and you might have to tilt your head but other than that, it's great! Here is my wee man.