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Thursday, November 26, 2009

When Bad Days Turn Good

It's funny how sometimes it can take 'til about 10 O'clock at night before your day starts getting good. I only started work (the shit job) at one today but 7 minutes in and I was already enraged. Mum called in to get her purse at two and she said she could feel the anger. I'm not normally like this but I think I'm pretty stressed about going away and trying to juggle two jobs while fitting in time for everything else. Not to mention that I'm still feeling pretty bluee about breaking up. I felt like an absolute demon today.

But demon's must be entitled to some joy too because I had the pleasure of seeing little Martha not once, not twice but thrice. My dad also had good news today and I couldn't be more chuffed for him! And within the space of a couple of days I've found 3 people to meet up with in Mexico. The most important being young Danny Boy who came to visit me in Thailand. And while he was sitting at Noom's bar one afternoon as I was at school he befriended a dude, Chris, from Australia and a chica from Canada, Melodie. Later that night Danny proposed to Melodie and then he proposed to Chris. He also proposed to a few other people and although romance wasn't in the air for Danny that night, it was for Chris and Melodie who hooked up and have been together ever since. But they, too, are in Mexico and will be until July so Danny and I will are gonna visit them. Chris has promised to build me basketball hoop!

But definitely the best news of today is that probably for sure I will be getting full time hours with the good job, which means I can tell the boss of the shit job to go boil her head in a pan of fucking oil. Even if it all backfires on me I don't care. I'd rather go to S.America with less money and work there if I have to rather than work myself into a frenzy so that I'm all wound up for traveling, which I know would spoil the first few weeks away. There's more to life than working every hour God sends.

Gosh, is that the time? I need to get a good night's sleep for tomorrow I'll be letting the boss from the shit job know that I don't need the hassle and I just don't care.


Musings of Mel said...

Rraaaaarrrrr - embrace the demon dude, don't fight it!!

I am the same - I was back at work 2 days and beating my fists on the desk. Jobs suck but at least you can get more hours at the good job - yay! I hope evil boss does go fry her head in a big pan of fucking oil - that made me laugh.

SoOoOoOOOooo excited about seeing you in a mere matter of weeks. Yus.


hootchinhannah said...

Ah dude, I have no choice but to embrace the demon as it seems to be making permanent residence in my soul. Aw well.

And as for telling my boss to go boil her head...I tried to give my notice again but she was having none of it. It'll only be a few hours a week. I didn't have the heart to leave her in the lurch over Christmas.