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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nelly Has The Pleasure

So, I contacted Maltesers the other day via their website. I just dropped them a little line to ask about the MaltEaster bunnies they brought out last year. They have reassured me that there are plans to make chocolate bars but they will also be bringing out the bunnies next Easter. This might mean though that someone will have to post me a batch to S.America. God I hate this country but God I love the chocolate.

I'm totally at a loss in my life. Sitting here waiting in limbo for my trip. I feel disjointed. I have no kids, boyfriend, pets or plants. Nothing and nobody needs me and I feel kinda empty and void. The only person who needs me (or thinks she needs me) is Pearlie, and that's for things like taking her stockings off. My calling in life is so glamorous! Yesterday I was let off taking her stockings off due to being in 'bad form'. Nelly had the joy instead. I believe this was the interchange between stocking-taker-offer and stocking-taker-offee:

Offer: Right, so you want these stockings off then?

Offee: Aye, but where's Hannah? Hannah could take them off.

Offer: Hannah's in 'bad form' so I'll do it.

Offee: How could she be in 'bad form' sure she was off work all day!

Offer: That's why she's in 'bad form'. She'd rather be out working.

Anyway, Nelly was half right. I don't mind the odd day off but working all weekend and then having a Monday and Tuesday off isn't great for my social life. On the other hand, though, it is good for my traveling fund.


Tuesday Kid said...

That's very true, plus you can always go and get pissed on your own (which if often is bad but seldom is great).

Anonymous said...

I need you baby :)xxx

Love dirt bird

hootchinhannah said...

What?! Do you need me to take your stockings off? LOL Anyway, you don't need me really, you're just using me as a gateway to Nelly's amazing pancakes!! Awwww, miss you babe ;X

And TK, I always forget that I could drink on my own, however, it's one thing inflicting my drunkeness on other people but inflicting it solely on myself is another matter altogether. I think there's a dude in Walsall who still hasn't quite recovered from a night in the company of The Theme Tune Queen, eh Dirtbird?

Anonymous said...

oh how i could guilt trip u now. which i think i just did. thanks for the lovely message the other day. dad xxxxx

Musings of Mel said...

I need you too dude! You are a needed person and I figure I'm less demanding than a child and plants aren't half as much fun to hang out with - their conservation skills leave a lot to be desired.


hootchinhannah said...

Awww don't guilt trip me da! And Mels, I posted a little parcel to you on Friday and I really hope those nasty little gremliny fuckers don't swipe it. You should hopefully get it Monday or Tuesday xxxx