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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Down The Pub

D put this pic up on Flickr. He titles it Martha's Reaction At Final Whistle He admitted that he used a little artistic license but she was watching the Ireland Vs S. Africa match that Saturday and she Ireland did win so it wasn't total lies.

In other news...I did go into work that next day (after threatening to walk out) and I did say to my boss: I'm giving you my one week's notice, do you want it in writing. I'm still not free from their evil clutches though. I didn't have the heart to let her down over Christmas. My New Year's Resolution is to grow some balls.

Fat Face Freddy's diet totally fell to an arse and, not only that, the good Holly cat is getting kinda chubby too. I think the kitekat self service is back on. Oh, and Auntie Ganching was home last weekend. She regaled me with stories of horrendous bus crashes in S.America and listed off all the dangers I would most definitely face (kidnapping, rape, muggings, murder). I'm all set now to face an almost certain horrific death. Least I'll die in a nice warm country.


ganching said...

Yeah but you'll have grown some balls so you'll be fine!!!

hootchinhannah said...

I don't know if a set of balls will protect me from a horrific bus crash though!! And it certainly won't protect me against the spiders!!!