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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lots Of Money But No Means To Spend It

I guess I'm not technically on holiday until I start get a lie-in in the morning. I was up at the crack of dawn today to sort more stuff. First on the agenda was the bank. I'd applied for a new account so I'd have a spare debit card to take in case I lost my main one. I'd gone in last week saying I'd got my pin before Christmas but no card yet. The girl assured me my card would be there in a couple of days. But no. I went in today and a different clerk told me that the card had been sent on 15th December and I should have got it by now. She had no choice but to cancel the card and order a new one. The new one will take 7 working days. I have 3 working days before I go. When I asked her if there was anything else I could do she just just smiled sympathetically as she shook her head and said, "You're just going to have be really careful with your card". Like I hadn't planned to already be really careful with my card. It's not much use to me when someone has mugged me and I have sufficient money in the bank to buy myself a nice warm cup of coffee and something to eat but absolutely no means of accessing it.

The next stop was the Citizen's Advice Bureau. This went much better than the bank. I was getting some advice on where I stood with D2 and getting my final wages and the guy informed me that if I didn't get paid what I needed was a RP1 form. I don't really understand the ins and outs of but he was basically telling me that I hadn't worked for nothing. Someone would pay me what was owed. Then when I got home I'd received a letter from a company I didn't recognise but knew it had something to do with D2 because it was addressed to Hannah Clarke Bowyer. Obviously my middle name is not Clarke and whatever illegible scrawl my old manager had made she'd added an extra 'K' in for good measure. So the company have been bought over and it seems my wages are safe one way or the other. I kinda had a good feeling they would be but I guess I shouldn't count my chickens until the money is safely in my bank account.

I also squeezed in 2 walks with Miss Martha. The first one was to give Z a bit of time to get a few things done and the second one was for the dogs. Though Miss Martha took advantage of that one too.

My heart leaps with joy every time I think about sitting in the warm sun supping on a pina colada. My mate Danny will be joining me at the beginning of February for a couple of weeks. Danny also visited me when I was in Thailand. I have to keep him away from motorbikes and he has to keep me away from basketball courts.

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