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Saturday, January 23, 2010

The First Proper Post From Abroad

So, the whole rucksack facade has been resolved, thankfully. It was a mission though. One of them situations where if I spoke the language it would have been sorted out pretty quickly but the language barrier just made everything 100 times more difficult.

But now it's sorted I've had a chance to actually start enjoying myself and seeing a bit of Mexico City. I went out for dinner with Chris, Melodie and Sarah on Thursday night and then we drank wine and played Uka at their apartment. The wine was delicious and Uka was very difficult. It's a card game with about 1 million rules. When they were explaining it to me they kept saying "oh, and just one more thing".

Today I went to the Zocalo. This is the famous square in Mexico city. One of the biggest in the world. Unfortunately they're doing a bit of refurbishment at the minute but the Catherdral was absolutley stunning.

Actually, maybe I should write a little about my time in New York. Well, the first day there it rained and because I was trying to do everything on the cheap it kind of limited me a little. The first thing I did do though was go and visit the St. Patrick's Cathedral. Good Catholic girl that I am.

My second day there was much better though. It was cold but the sun was shining so I walked to Central Park. If I ever go back to NY (which I kinda doubt) it'll be in the summer and I'd go with someone else. Having said that I ended up having a surprisingly pleasant night when I went to an Irish bar. One of the guy's who worked there was Irish and he was playing pool with his New Yorker friends. They asked me if I wanted to play so I spent the night hanging out with them drinking whiskey. One of them asked me why I chose that particular bar and I said I was outside and a guy came out for a smoke, so I asked him did they sell Jameson`s and he said yes. That was me sold. They found this hilarious though I'm not quite sure why.

It was a lovely night though and everyone wished me well on travels, told me to be careful, etc. etc. but they were all reaññy genuine, lovley people. That's one thing I'll give NY credit for. For a big city, people are really friendly and helpful.

So, now I'm in Mexico City and there's so much to do here and I'm in no particular rush. It's fantastic. Just ambling about at my own pace, soaking up the sun and culture. I'm staying in the Zona Rosa (Pink Zone) which is kinda like the red light district so there are many gay and lesbian bars and sex shops. And as such, there are more clothes shops for men than there are for women. I noticed this when I thought I would have to buy a whole new wardrobe.

Right, anyway, I guess I won't have anything to blog about if I don't get off my ass and go do something. Walking any distance here is tough though, not just because of the heat but because of the high altitude. Though the bonus of high altitude is that you get drunker quicker. (Un)fortunately for me, I'm Irish and probably would need to be at least 5 km above sea level for this to have any real affect. I'm hardcore me.

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