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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Everything Comes Together

I don't need to worry about losing my bank card. I got a travel card at the post office yesterday and today my other bank card arrived in the post. My sleeping bag also arrived today so no stressing about that anymore either. I've started my packing and getting quite worried about carrying it everywhere as it nearly killed me bringing in a bucket of coal today.

That's pretty much everything sorted now. I'm hoping tomorrow will be a lovely relaxing day but something tells me that just ain't gonna happen. I was meant to meet some friends for a couple of drinks last night. The plan was to have a couple and then spend the rest of the night with my boy (the one that I thought I shouldn't be with because I was going away but then I realised that I really loved him and 5 months wasn't that long a time). And obviously we spent a romantic night in, cuddling by the fire and whispering sweet nothings. We didn't stay out drinking 'til the pubs kicked us out and then insist that Half Term Kerm and JL come back for more drinks and a serenading session. Oh no! It was a good night out but when I woke up this morning (late) I sort of wished that we'd stuck to the original plan.

It was a lovely night though and JL got me some lovely things to take with me. The best thing was a notebook with photos of mum, baby M, the pets, my boy, maltesers and a meercat! Some people know just exactly how to make me smile. I'm sure I'll be able to squeeze in one more post before I go but if not the next time I blog will be from New York!

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