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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Beats Belfast Zoo

Today I went to......the Zoo!!! I took my friend's advice and went early in the morning to avoid the crowds of people (it's free everyday so attracts a lot of visitors) and to make sure the animals weren't all hiding in the shade. I could easily go again though when Danny Boy gets here.

Being there reminded me of the last time I went to the zoo. Not only was it crappy old Belfast zoo but it was also in November and freezing. But, it was a surprise planned by my boy and even though it was wet and cold (Belfast Zoo is located half way up a mountain near enough) we had a lovely time. Especially because it was a surprise. I love animals and I love surprises.

Today it was the monkey's and the racoons that won my heart (only 'cos there were no meercats). But, I haven't been to many zoo's, it always breaks my heart to see a gorilla in captivity. I know I should feel the same way about all the animals but gorilla's always have such an air of sadness about them.

Yesterday I went to Parque Mexico. It's a quaint little place where dog-walkers and skateboarders hang out. I was a little hasty in saying all city's are the same. For one, Mexico is not a fast paced city. It's just too hot during the day for people to move fast. I love warm countries because I love street vendors. You can see what's on offer without going into the shop and feeling like you have to buy something. And I love the smell of all the fruit juice venodors on the street. Hmmm all that lovely fresh fruit. I'm away for a fruit shake. And then some beers.


Nelly said...

Sounds like you like Mexico City betaire than New York City.

hootchinhannah said...

Of course I do. I always prefer countries where I don´t understand what people are saying! Much less annoying!