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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Making Friends In Mexico

After the zoo yesterday I hooked up with a French-Canadian guy and a Mexican guy for some drinks. It was an interesting experience as we were communicating in 3 different languages. Mostly English though. But it was good because we were all helping each other learn. We also picked another Mexican guy on the street. This is because we were walking down the `Gay Bar` street and the French-Canadian locked eyes with this guy and love blossomed right there and then. Well, kind of.

It was a fun night though and the guy we picked up in the street called me Mexican!! I do so like to fit in with the locals. Although, it seems you can take the girl out of Ireland but you can`t take Ireland out of the girl, as I was shouting for more Tequila and everyone else was looking at me like I was crazy.

One of the things I like about talking to people from different places is the humour that goes along with it. Because our understanding of each other`s languages are pretty basic, jokes become pretty basic. I remember in Thailand when I went to pay for my Internet (which was only ever about 10 baht) and I`d ask how much it was and Ice would say "It is ten.....thousand baht". Last night we teased JFC (the French-Canadian) about eating Elk and he said, in Canada, they eat everything, cat, dog, babies! It`s a really silly thing to laugh about but when you can`t make really witty jokes it`s nice to laugh about something.

Now it`s time for me to get ready for a wee visit to some Botanical Gardens (yes mum, gardens!) The reason for this is I was invited by my friends from last night and it`s yet another opportunity for me to learn more Spanish and see a bit more of the city. Also, the plants at the garden are Homeopathic so it`s a little more interesting than just looking at a bunch of daisies!


Tuesday Kid said...

Sounds like you're having a great time. Live it up!

hootchinhannah said...

I don´t know what kind of person could not have a good time here.