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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Another One Bites The Dust

Oh yeah, Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year. Most people said they had a quiet one but mine was pretty busy. A good kind of busy, though, that involved much socialising and much drinking.

Tomorrow is my last day of work! This makes me so happy. I look back now on all the 12 and 13 hour shifts I worked and it all of a sudden seems worth it. It was tough but I've earned the most massive reward. A long blissful holiday of chilling and relaxing.

I had a wisdom tooth taken out today. I was almost fearing it more than the flight to New York. It wasn't too bad though. The last time I had a tooth pulled I was so disorientated with pain I came home with a lovely sax that cost me a fortune. It was so sore and raw I'd felt totally violated. This time I was able to go visit Z and baby M and dance and sing and nurse baby M to sleep. Her Granda Bo will be pleased to hear she is a fan of Elbow.

I haven't been great at blogging lately. Just too much going on and my head's too cluttered with thoughts. I will be happy to experience some serenity and calmness. My idea of a perfect life would be to travel round S. America learning carpentry, Tai Chi and the saxophone and adopting a dog called Rusty. I'll be happy just to travel for now though.

Anyway, time for me to do other stuff. Like maybe take some more pain killers for the big gaping hole in my mouth where my tooth of wisdom used to be.


Tuesday Kid said...

Good luck with the travelling. I hope you keep up the blogging while you're away.

hootchinhannah said...

Cheers TK. I'll definitely be keeping the blog going. Will be nice to actually have something to blog about!