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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Wonderful Warmth

Ah...the warmth, the glorious warmth. It's nice to wear different clothes other than hoodies. I can go 'Look see, I do have arms. And yes, they are whiter than you could ever have possibly imagined.' To be fair, the sun has been shining for days and it's only the past 2 days that I've taken my jacket off. I had to stock up on some heat.

Mum, Zoe, granny and I went to granda's memorial mass. It was nice to go 'cos it pleased my granny, which pleases my mum, which pleases me but I'd forgotten how akward mass makes me feel. I can never remember the words to prayers, or when to kneel and stand up and bless myself. In a small country chapel this fails to go unnoticed. Aw well, it bothered me slightly at the time but I'm not letting it bother me beyond that. I can't help my heatheness.

Granny was reminding mum about how she arrived at the hospital to give birth to me. She wasn't in labour so her and granny decided to get the town service bus. They asked the bus driver if it went to the hospital and he said that it didn't but if they just could just wait a minute he'd take them there. So out of the goodess of his heart (and possibly thinking that mum was about to pop me out there and then), he drove mum and granny right up to the hospital doors in a bus! Even if most bus drivers were kind enough to do that they'd probably just drop you off at the nearest bus stop.

I'm coping better with work this week. I swear it's because I had two whole days off rather than just the one. Oh, and I didn't get horrendously drunk this weekend. I came home earlyish on Saturday night. I woke up feeling refreshed on Sunday morning so I brushed Paddy's winter coat off him. He looked so handsome mum and I decided to take him a walk along the beach to show him off. We took Bonnie dog too incase she felt left out. We bumped into Dee Mac and her dog Handsome Herman. Big Herman showed both Paddy and Bonnie what real dogs are meant to do on the beach, i.e. go swimming. Bonnie half got the idea but Paddy obviously didn't want to ruin his newly brushed coat.


YAF said...

Heat is not natural for an Irish person, we are not used to it. We like to complain about the lack of heat, but when it goes on for more than a day or two we like to complain about that as well. We are only happy when miserable, this is why the Irish get on so well with Russians who are exactly the same!

As for Mass, you went to please your mum and your granny, and to remember your grandad. If anyone there noticed that you didn't know what you were doing, then that is because they have forgotten why they were there which is to praise God, and not to find fault with their neighbour. I try never to darken the door of a church unless it is empty if I can help it, the less people in it the more holy it seems!

I wish you could find a job which gives you satisfaction, but for now just be thankful you have a job at all. More and more people are losing theirs and having experienced long term unemployment I can promise you it eats into the very essence of your humanity. But never stop looking for something better, you deserve it.

hootchinhannah said...

No, the Irish weren't built to handle heat.

At mass, it wasn't anyone else making me feel akward it was just my own personal issues with religion. I know my granny was just chuffed to have me there and that's the most important thing.

I think I just have to accept that my current job will be like this 'til I get a new one. It really is more about changing my attitude towards it (by remembering that, like you say, I'm lucky to have one) . But I have learnt things about people through this job. For example, I have learnt the kind of people to avoid working with. When I get back from my travels I really am gonna plug myself into a more suitable career.

Anonymous said...

FAO Master Paddy.

hootchinhannah said...

Fatastic!!! Herman really is a fearless dog. I have shown Paddy. He is pretending not to be be jealous but it's written all over his muzzle.

Zoe said...

Herman is a brilliant swimmer - Gracie is very jealous!

Anonymous said...

your replacement birthday present is finally ordered. sorry i took so long. xxxxx

Anonymous said...

might arrive as addressed to michael bowyer though. wish i could find a job where i didn't get punched!!! would have made a great boxer as i seem to have an iron chin. xxxxx

hootchinhannah said...

Ye didn't have to get me anything more y'know but I am quite excited now!!!

An iron chin and the patience of a saint dad. You have to do that job dad 'cause no one else could do it without losing the rag. Luckily that doesn't aplly to my current employment as any monkey could work in a shop.