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Monday, June 29, 2009

I'll Try Not To Kill You

Next bad day I have in work I'm just gonna count down the days 'til I board that flight to New York. Yes, I finally booked a flight. I leave on the 16th January to New York then catch a flight on the 20th to Mexico, With the mere press of a button and withdrawal of £361.50 from my bank account my mood has greatly improved.

I think I just needed a bit of direction in my life. Something to work towards and look forward to. And, unlike my trip to Thailand, this trip will be a little better organised. It actually feels like a weight's been lifted off my shoulders. This isn't a dream anymore it's reality. And it was probably always as easy as this but I just didn't realise it.

Hopefully my blog will be a lot brighter and interesting in about 6 months time. One thing I know is I won't be going anywhere without my SLR. I missed it so much in Thailand it just ain't worth the agony. I may post the film home to save lugging it about though.

I never regret a single day in Thailand (except the basketball hoop night) but it was hard work arriving and being thrown into teaching so soon. The one thing I really look forward to on my next trip is relaxing and doing whatever I want for a couple of weeks. Of course, knowing me I'll be working within a week as God seems to think I don't like being unemployed.

There are also whispers in the air that I will start driving lessons soon. You can expect posts upon posts of driving disasters. Going to another country to work and live and possibly catch swine flu is nowhere near as scary as the prospect of being inside a huge hunk of metal with wheels and pedals and sticks and gadgets and being expected to actually control it. I find it hard enough steering a shopping trolley so a car should be fun.


Anonymous said...

Good for you. January in mexico or cully. Was it a hard choice?xxxxx

Musings of Mel said...

Yaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy - I had instant happiness upon reading this great news. A proper Mexican adventure. I'm so pleased for you dude - can't wait to hear about your Mexican stories.
x x

hootchinhannah said...

It really wasn't a difficult choic. January is the worst time of year for many reasons. Shitty cold weather, everyone's grumpy after over-indulging at Christmas and if you work in retail it's terribly slow and dull.

Mels, I'm glad your happy for me. It won't be too long before yr off having adventures yourself. Oh, and dude, I think this will be the best New Year ever!!!!