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Monday, June 01, 2009

A Change Would Do You Good

Anyone up for an adventure? Flights from Belfast to New York are this cheap in October. This would give me a week to explore before catching a flight down to Mexico, just in time for the Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations. Even though Kerm wouldn't be there covered in a mixture of his own, and other people's, blood I'm sure it would be a better party than the one we had last year.

From here to S.America for less than £400 squiddly diddly dangoes (expdia aren't like easyjet and they show you the actual price the flight costs with tax and everything included). Of course, I could just fly straight to Mexico for the same price but it's the difference between 2 8 hour plane rides with a week in between and 1 17 hour plane ride that connects in New York anyway. I'd love to just book the flights right now but I can't guarantee that I'll have enough money saved by then. It's only really 4 months away. I've checked prices for Jaunary though and there pretty much the same.

I just wrote a whole big blog speel about work that I deleted immediately. I didn't want to go back after my first break today but I don't want to rant about it. I'm kinda trying to convince myself that it's not actually that bad and that I just need to change my attitude towards it. But it is that bad. I hate my manager so much that it's making me hate the rest of my life. I feel like I'm running out of time too. I need to hurry up and get a proper career otherwise I'll be doing this job for the REST of my life. I guess I should try harder on working on changing my attitude. And saving my money.

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