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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Big Mac With Fries

I found out, today in work, something that made me, once again, realise that people's faults do not make them 'bad' people. I guess when you admit those faults it shows a willingness to learn and adapt, which is good thing. I'm hoping that the result of this outcome will make work more bearable but even if it doesn't it will only encourage me so save quicker so I can travel sooner. Seems like a win-win siyuation if you ask me.

I can't express enough how much the bright weather is cheering me up. Weather like this always reminds me of the good times because the good times always happen when the sun is shining. It's Doug's Dog Day Party coming up and it makes me think back to last year, hanging out on Sunday morning with 3 grumpy Norweigan's. I got the impression they were disappointed with their stay in Norn Iron because it pished with rain but I also got the impression that they didn't show much enthusiasm for anything. At Doug's party they drank Vodka and Jameson's and sung stoically. As we sat in Wetherspoon's the next day (not long before we got chucked out for being too boisterous on a Sunday afternoon) I asked the Norweigan's about where they came from. They told me they lived in the middle of nowhere and if they wanted McDonald's they had to drive to cities 100's of miles away. They were leaving that day and I walked them down to Eckstar's flat to get their bags. McDonald's is down that way too so obviously the Norweigan's were keen to get some food. I asked one guy what he was gonna order and he said:

'A big mac with fries'

I asked his mate what he'd get. He smiled and said:

'A big mac with fries'

I laughed and said to the third guy:

'Let me guess, you're getting a big mac with fries?'

He smiled and nodded his head.

Hmmm, I totally contradicted myself there because I said how the good weather made me think of good memories 'cause all the good times happen in the sun. Then I go and recount a memory when it was raining. I remember it well because it's when I became a member of the Drizzle Appreciation Society.

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