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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Worn, Like The Clothes In My Shop

I like to think of myself as a patient person, although I'm pretty sure it's not a natural character trait for me. I think it was something that I had to learn. I heard a rumour it was a virtue. So, therefore, my family members would probably beg to differ about my claiming to be patient but they have known me longer as a child/brat/moody teenager than as an adult.

But friends and work collegaues do see me as being patient and I pride myself on this somewhat. There are few people who have the patience of a saint and eventually everyone gets worn down at certain points and by certain things. This seems to be one of the side-effects of the Swine Flu. Well, that and a combination of working where I work. I hate to blog rant and I hate talking about my job in detail but today I reached beyond the end of my tether and handed the keys to my boss and informed him I was going home. I wasn't quitting but I was letting it be known that I could physically take no more.

Fortunately my current boss is not as cantankerous as my old boss who pushed me to the limit but was too proud to try to keep me. He took the keys, took me out for a smoke, listened to me and dealt with the situation as best he could. He gave me back the keys and enough positivity to finish the day. I wish I could explain more but even though it's only a job I really do get on with the people I work with and I'd feel like I was betraying them by discussing work issues. And besides, I'd need to write a book not just a blog post.


Anonymous said...

You obviously get your pacience from me but there does come a time when you have to walk out. I did 2 days before i finished my last job. your boss sounds ok though. last present arrived yet?

Anonymous said...


hootchinhannah said...

That boss is ok, the other boss is a big part of the problem. I must get my patience from you as I have never once heard you call anyone a c**t when driving in a car with you :)

Last present still hasn't arrived, although everyday I'm teased with parcels arriving for mum. I hope those bastard royal mail gemlins haven't got their stinking paws on it!

Anonymous said...

Just e-mailed the company about your missing present. Expect it in time for Christmas at this rate. Have aq good weekend. xxxxx

Tuesday Kid said...

Your current boss seems like a right sort. Most (no all) bosses I've had have been right dicks so he's a rare find.

hootchinhannah said...

Ah, sure Christmas is just round the corner dad!

Aye TK, he is a good boss. But it's still a hwack job and he can only do his best.