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Monday, May 11, 2009

One Blog Meet, One Wedding And A Night At O'Rawes

Well, I haven't had a minute. Not a minute. And I loved it. Thursday night Nelly and I went to meet some fellow bloggers. The occasion was Hails' brief return to the Emerald Isle to catch up with folk (but really, to remind herself why she is no longer living here). Grannymar was the only one I hadn't previously met and she was charming like all the others.

There's something about getting a certain mix of people who've all met through pretty random circumstances. You talk about things you wouldn't normally talk about. Learn things you wouldn't necessarily learn.

Friday was quiet in work up until the last hour and a half when it got so busy that my head was frazzled. I wanted to catch the bus home but missed it because people kept coming into the shop even though the shutters were half way down. I had to get a taxi home and the driver took it upon himself to give me a a 15 minute intensive cow and bull lesson. Apparently cows are pregnant for the same length of time as humans. But a farmer has to watch his bulls don't try and mate with their daughters. I'm not quite sure why he thought this was interesting converstaion for a young girl heading out on a Friday night but that's farmer types for you.

On Friday night I went to my usual haunt. I enjoyed my last proper night out with Dirt Bird before she heads back to the Wall of Sall. I love talking to her because she's the only one that shares my sense of humour exactly. She used to be a wino but she's a whisko like me now.

On Saturday I had another busy day in work and then met Dirt Bird after for drinks and something to eat. I had a wedding to go at 8 so Dirt Bird was providing some moral support as I had to dress up and meet family and share a taxi there with strangers. As it turned out it was a good night and everyone I met was friendly and welcomiing.

The best thing about going to weddings is that it reminds me how much I don't like them. I'm always happy for the bride and groom but I can't help but feel embarassed for them when they have to do the 'First Dance' and all the cheesy stuff. Anyway, the wedding blog rant's a post for another day. I'm yearning for a game of word challenge. I've given up on beating Ed ever but I'm still hopelessly addicted.

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