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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

James Brown Knows The Score But So Does Hughie Green

There was a plus side to having Swine Flu. Now that I've fully recovered I feel amaaaazing!! Maybe it's the help of the sun and Seasick Steve with his funky blues but I really do feel on top of the world. After last week's annoyances at work I had a good day. I feel like I'm actually getting the help from my manager's that I should have been getting month's ago but was too proud to ask.

Oh, and karma worked it's way round to me. Not the weekend just gone but the weekend before I found £5 on the ground and the Saturday night I found £10 on the ground. When it's on the ground it's fair do's in my eyes. As long as it's not in a purse or wallet.

So there's a spring in my step again and I feel much more like my usual self. I'm like a cross between Vince Noir and Howard Moon from the Mighty Boosh. Vince for his sunny Barocca-aided approach to life and Howard for his love of Jazz Funk. This is a pretty recent thing for me but I've com to the conclusion that Funk would make the world go round. You can't help but be happy and dance when you hear it. I can hear James Brown now singing in my brain...I feel good.

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Musings of Mel said...

Youm were always the one who found money - I always seemed to lose it or forget where I put it! I don't think I've ever found money you know - you really must have the luck of the Irish. Yu should botte that stuff up and sell it!