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Friday, May 15, 2009

Shoulda Gone To Specsavers

So, Vision Express sent me a nice letter the other day, offering me a free eye exam and a £50 voucher. I have needed to wear glasses since I was 14 but at some point over the years my head must've shrunk and those glasses kept falling off my face. Also, they were Graham Coxon/Jack Duckworth NHS stylee glasses and they just didn't suit me. So I didn't wear them.

I'd been meaning to get new glasses for a while and this voucher sent by Vision Express was the push I needed. Had to be used by 25th June so off I rushed to the nearest VE. Eye exams are strange experiences anyway. I'm nearly sure they make you blinder and also the lights and air they puff into your eye makes you somewhat disorientated. After the test the lovely assistant helped me pick my frames. They were £90 but with my voucher they were £40. I had forgot though that they would charge me for the actual lenses that go into the frames and I parted with £144 of my hard-earned squiddly diddly dangoes! My own fault for being naive but also a cunning ploy on Vision xpress's part to lure me into thinking I was getting a bargain.

Shoulda gone to Specsavers.

Hails also informed me that she used to work in Pet Smart. The story behind that is; I once found a bat lying on the street in broad daylight. Convinced that this wee bat must've broken a wing I scopped it up and took it down to Pet Smart. I asked if they could help fix it's wing. The lady looked at me like I had 2 heads and pointed out that they were a pet shop, not a vetinary. She told me I'd need to contact the RSPB and it was just as she was fetching me a box for the bat that it crawled up my arm and flew off into the rafters. The lady wss most cross and said:

Great, now we have to get the RSPB out.

I scarpered pretty quick and it was only in hindsight that I realised a bat on the loose in a shop that sold mice was not a particularly good idea. I was also wrong about it having a broken wing as it could clearly fly the very best.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure you should have paid for the lenses? If you are on low income you should have been entitled to some help, contact the DSS and you may be able to claim some of that back.

As for the Bat, wasn't it the cunning creature that waited for a good person to come by and give it a free lift into an all you can eat hostelry for bats?!!!! Your Karma just keeps on building up, you will reap the windfall soon enough!

Your Anonymous Friend, hereafter to be known as YAF!

hootchinhannah said...

YAF I've mssed your comments! I am on a low income but not sure that I'm below the threshold. I guess it is worth looking into, can do no harm.

That bat wasn't as blind as me obviously. I was young at the time (well, 17) but I've never been able to leave an animal in distress. Take that after both my parents. My dad told me the sweetest story about arriving home drunk with a kitten one night. Unfortunately my grandparents weren't just as soft when it came to animals.

Anonymous said...

You were going to get eighty (yes 80) packets of Hannah's white mice. Probably just as well that they fucked things up! xxxxx

YAF said...

Maybe Karma decided you shouldn't get the white mice from your dad after all the mice you helped the Bat get!

hootchinhannah said...

LOL Karma knows the score. Also, 80 packets of white chocolate mice would be enough to scunner even me of chocolate.

Anonymous said...

mavbe i should get hannah's white bats. they would obviously be blind so doesn't make a lot of difference.and cocolate.xxxxx