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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

'Ok' To Make Money Out Of Dying Celebs?

I can't get over the hype surrounding Jade Goody. It just seems wrong that the media are cashing in on her death. To be fair, I haven't been reading gossip mags for ages so I don't really know what's being said or by whom but I do know that everywhere I look, TV, papers, magazines, Jade Goody's face is plastered all over the place. All of a sudden her on/off boyfriend, who is a lying, cheating, talentless, toerag, wants to marry her. Quelle surprise.

I just find it all very strange. It's almost like there's a countdown to her death. And this is not just any old celebrity, like Sienna Miller or Robbie Williams, this is Jade Goody, the girl who we hated, loved, felt sorry for, laughed at, mocked, ridiculed, the girl who was stupid, loveable, annoying, bitchy and, once voted, 'mother of the year' This is a girl who became famous for nothing and clung onto every ounce of publicity she could ever get. Although she didn't win Big Brother she has famously done better than any other Big Brother contender. Most people have, at some point over the past five years, formed some kind of opinion of Ms Goody, whether good or bad. There's no denying that she's a pretty famous chick (in the humble old British Isles, of course) but I still don't understand how someone can put themselevs in the public arena when they're dying. Maybe I'm just old fashioned.

On totally unrelated note, since I've given up chocolate for Lent I've been perusing the internet for tasty chocolate-free treats. I should've known better than to look at Z's 'Greed' set on Flickr. And I really should've known better than to look at this photo of Z's white chocolate, banana and cranberry muffins. I remember them well. I helped make them. Got me thinking though. Would it be a cop-out if I only gave up brown chocolate for Lent?

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