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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Creepy Teddy

When I started work on Friday I was carrying a box of jeans to the other store round the corner. By the time I'd made it to the other shop wee Prawn came round and told me I was to ring Horatio (my assistant manager's preferred title). I called him and he asked if I'd seen the guy as I was leaving.

"Naw, what guy?" I asked

Horatio described him (apparently he looked crusty) then told me that just as I'd left he'd come up to the till and asked about me. He asked if I was still working in this shop or working in another. Horatio told him I worked here. Then the guy said: Don't tell her I was asking about her.

Horatio thought he seemed kind of unsavoury and told me I was to phone him if he came into the shop round the corner. When the big store manager found out the next day she berated Horatio for leaving me around there on my own.

Anyway, I thought nothing more about 'til I was back in work on Monday and Prawn and Horatio showed me a Valentine's teddy that had come through the post on Saturday. They reckoned it was for me from the guy who was asking about me. I told them not to be silly but when I looked at the label it made me suffer a terrible flashback. It read: To Gorgus* From Good Lookin' Look after Sexy the bear.

I chatted to some goon at the pub a couple of times and when I asked him his name (out of politness not a desire to actually know) he told me it was Mc GoodLookin'. He was a funny wee cratur and so I humored him. Shortly after I started working in my shop I seen him in it one day so I called out to him "Alright McGoodLookin'?" We made polite chit chat and that was that. I haven't seen him since well before Christmas.

I don't know anything for sure but I'm getting teased in work for having a stalker. That teddy could've been for any of the girls but I'm still left wondering who was asking about me on Friday. If I wanted a stalker though I'd have gone back to Thailand.

*His mispelling not mine


Tuesday Kid said...

Sexy The Bear???? Ha ha ha ha ha ha...

oh you should write (sic) if you're quoting someone else's mispellings.

hootchinhannah said...

I always wondered why they wrote (sic) in newspapers. I knew it wasn't anything to do with setting dogs on people.

I know, Sexy is not a good name for a bear. He smelt like Lynx too.