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Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Hannah/ Hairy Head Hannah

Whilst flicking through my sister's Flickr I came across a couple of photos of myself. In the first one you'll notice an air of happiness about me. In the second one, however, I look distinctly displeased. In both photos I am wearing the exact same coat and hat. But the first photo was taken on 14th September 2007 and the second one was taken in January 2008. No wonder I look pissed off. I'd been wearing the same hat and coat for well over a year. Also, there are clealry no sweets in the second pic.

Talking of sweets. I do plan to give up chocolate for Lent. Not because I'm profoundly religious but just to see if I can exercise any sort of willpower atall. I'm not giving up sweets though. Or biscuits, or any of mum's home-baking. Why would I torture myself?

Oh, and another thing, I saw this job advertised and reckon it'd be perfect for me.


Nelly said...

Sweetie...September 2007 to January 2008 is actually only 4 months.

My word verification is bosms. Is this meaningful?

hootchinhannah said...

Yeah, mum, also I was in Thailand in Sepetember 2007 so I've no idea when the first photo was taken.

Word verification could be the new fortune cookie.

Anonymous said...

That's loadsa money :) I saw a job too, and it's in the land of ire...

reckon that would suit me down to the ground now i just have to shake off the laziness and get that form filled in!

Miss you honey xxxxx
Love Dirt Bird

hootchinhannah said...

You should definitely apply for that job sweetie. The land of Ire is the place to be. I missed my chance to apply for the caretaker job though.

Miss you too Dirt Bird baby xxx