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Thursday, January 29, 2009

I need a new alcoholic beverage to drink. Jameson's will always be my No. 1 but I'm getting bored of the kind of drunk I get from it. I want to experience new levels of drunkeness. Not quite to the extent of someone like the Wee Manny (or Sir Drink A Lot as he is otherwise known) but I feel that in these cold winter months I need a drink that will lift my spirits better.

I might try the A - Z of shots this weekend.

A - Absinthe: probably not the best shot to start off with but sure what the hey?
B - Bailey's: Probably not the best shot to take after Absinthe but all good fun.
C - Cognac: It's gonna taste rank after the yummy Bailey's but what can ye do?
D - Drambuie: Never had this before so I can't comment but I'll probably have a nice glow about me after this one.
E - Eggnog: Might have to skip this one.
F - Framboise: A nice French strawberry flavoured licqueur to take a way the taste of the Drambuie.
G - Gin: Makes you sin.
H - Hennessey: By this time I should be feeling well oiled.
I - I'll be too drunk to think of a shot that begins with I so I might have another go at A.
J - Jagermeister: Ideally as a J-Bomb with a Redbull too. Helps it go down better.
K - Kool Aid Shot: Simply mix your favourite flavour of Kool Aid with any spirit.
L - Long Island Ice Tea: I'm struggling for drinks here.
M - Malt Whiskey: My two favourite things.
N - Nalt Whiskey: Exactly the same as the previous.
O - I should probably skip 'O' or I'll be blocked.
P - Pernod: Probably my mouth will be numb by this stage so I won't have to taste the acrid aniseed.
Q - Quagmire: Apparently there is a drink by this name. I don't know what it is but I want one.
R - Rum: A dark one, natch.
S - Sang Som: My favourite Thai beverage. I'll have to import some though.
T - Tequila: The night starts to get interesting.
U - Uzo: Is where I lose consciousness.
V - Vodka: Is where I regain consciousness and start a fight with my reflection in the mirror.
W - Whiskey: Makes everything better.
X - Marks the spot - where I pass out.
Z - zzzzzz is what I'll be doing when I've completed the A-Z of shots.

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