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Monday, January 12, 2009

A Decommendation

After forcing mum and Bert to watch Tideland and then watching it again with Jakers I have decided it is not the kind of film that should be recommended. It's the kind of film that should be stumbled upon, accidentally. It can only be described as uncomfortable viewing, sugar-coated with exceptional cinematography and superb acting, but uncomfortable viewing all the same. It is a good film, just in a very twisted way. Watch it if you're brave.


Musings of Mel said...

That's a truly odd film - the little girl and the dead Dad. Dunno if I could watch it 2 times in close proximity. The other day when I was off sick I watched Eraserhead - another strange one!
Love from the Burgh.

p.s. coming home in March - will let ye know the dates - in the middle somewhere.
Hehe - I have to type the little word verification thing to post this comment and my word to verify is 'prick'. I'm such a child.

hootchinhannah said...

I didn't watch it with Bert and Mum cos I knew I wouldn't be able to watch it twice but I'd seen it before a couple of years ago. It's worth seeing once though I reckon.

Yusss! You're home in March. It'll be march in no time!! Your word was 'prick' mine is 'goole' stick an 'i' in there and you have 'goolie'!!

Musings of Mel said...

Goolie - haha. I'm currently watching a movie called 'Funny Games' - its an odd one too. Seen the original German version a few months back & this is the American version.
I totally forgot to ask yu if Bert got a little card I sent to him? It has a little message for you all & some cash for him - I addressed it to 91 Dreen which I think is right. PI hope it arrived!
word verification tonight is 'thelac' - not very interesting at all.