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Friday, January 16, 2009

Forward Planning Is The 1st Rule To Happiness

The second rule is not telling anyone but what the hell. With the current financial climate it's hard to feel secure in your job. Luckily I have a few back-up plans:

1. Hot Water Bottle Head Hannah's Hot Air Balloon Rides - Ok, so there's the small problem of buying a hot air balloon, getting my pilot licence and convincing people that taking a ride through the misty clouds of Norn Iron is an excellent idea.

2. Bert and Hannah's Wonderful Wooden Toys Inc. - Bert makes the toys, I promote them. This could be good with the credit crunch going on. Next Christmas kids will be overjoyed with their wooden bricks and cup and balls instead of their Nintendo Wii's and Xboxes. For sure!

3. Scabby Bird's Escort Agency - Men won't be able to afford expensive escorts. Oh no! Perfect time to promote the budget escort. I have several laydees who are perfectly willing to offer their services. Call 0800 696 696.

On a totally unrelated note regarding my lost phone: Salt Face, when someone asks for your number because they've lost their phone, it does not help if you send your number to the phone they have lost!!! Of course, I'd never have known if I hadn't got my phone back but, really, doh!


Anonymous said...

forward planning. great idea. any dates yet for coming over? xxxxx

hootchinhannah said...

Yeah, forward lanning. it's a pty I'm not good at taking my wn advice. I'll sort something out very soon dad, promise xxx