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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Adventures Of Hannah's Phone

The reason I didn't send anyone any New Year greetings via text was because I lost my phone. Or rather, my phone was accidentally taken from my house. I say accidentally but who knows? A girl had the same phone as me. This girl and her fella thought that someone else at my house had called her a dog. Technically they had but it wasn't meant to offend. Anyway, this lass went home with my phone. I thought she might call my home number and get it back to me but she didn't.

A week and a half later, after I'd given up and bought a new phone, a girl in work told me she'd forgotten I'd lost my phone, called it and it was ringing. I called it and it was ringing but no answer. So if my phone was on it meant someone had charged it and was using it. I sent a text message saying: I think you accidentally took my phone with you on New Year but you can contact me on this no. and we can arrange for me to get it back.

No reply. I tried ringing it again. Switched off. By this point I was raging because I knew they had my phone and were using it. Monday morning in work I got a phone call from a solicitor in Ballymena. She had my phone. She'd called the office number which was my old boss' number and they told her where I worked. She'd found it on the street and went out of her way to get it back to me. She's one type of person. The chick and fella who thought they'd got a free phone out of me are another type.

I got my phone back but they'd deleted all my pictures and deleted a lot of numbers. They'd set it up to how they wanted it to be. None of that really matters though. I don't need the phone now 'cos I got a new one but the main thing is, they don't have it.

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