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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Two New Songs and a Bouncy Ball

I was going to put up some photos of Ziggy the Beach Dog when we were on our road trip but blogger seems to have changed and I can't see any options to upload photos. Surely this can't be?

Perhaps the doctor's prescription of smarties wasn't such a bad idea as I seem to have perked up considerably. On Saturday night Ziggy and I headed out and I realise now that Ziggy is much more popular, more memorable and more loved than I am but this is the advantage of being a wee hairy dog baby with a little button nose and floppy ears. It was a fun night and it ended up with the usual friendly debate I have with everyone, in which I get accused of being naive because I truly believe that the world will become a better place.

Work has been more tolerable. The course has been a reminder of one of my most difficult ongoing challenges, which is my tendancy to procrastinate because of crippling insecurities. I ask myself everyday if I'm ready to be a counsellor and my heart and soul say yes and then my mind pipes in telling me all kinds of reasons why I'm not ready. On the plus side, all of the worry and doubt around the course has been replaced by lots of creative inspiration. I might not be focusing on my studies as much as I feel I should but I've written two new songs in a week and so at least I'm being productive in some way. This consoles me. Also, I made a bouncy ball. I told my tutors this when they asked each of us to say one positive thing that had happened that week with regards to our placement. One of them looked baffled. I thought she was questioning my commitment but she just wanted to know how I had made a bouncy ball.


Rob Z Tobor said...

I'm sure that blogger will still take your pics, I cant say that I have noticed it has changes. . . . That's all a bit odd.

Small cute dogs always have the upper hand when popularity is important.

The only way I know of making a bouncy ball is with loads and loads of elastic bands.

I have just returned from the coast where we spent many happy hours looking at the sea. I have always wonder why folk spend time looking at the sea, but I still do i myself when I am near it.

hootchinhannah said...

It is no coincidence that the sea is called the sea. She wants you to see it. Ans she sees you seeing her. It's all a bit magical really.

The bouncy ball was made from a kit of different coloured crystals. They were out in a mould and immersed in water for three minutes. The water made the crystals expand and congeal together. When I was making it I looked into the cup and said "Awwww...I understand now" and Jakers looked impressed and said "Yeah? You understand the science behind it?" and I said "No, I understand what kind of bouncy ball it's going to be now". The kind that could be picked aprat very easily.

This reply is like a post all in itself. But still, I should post....

Rob Z Tobor said...

That was a very technical Bouncy ball Miss Hannah, but one I suspect that a cute dog could destroy very quickly