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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Photos Replace Words

Life really is busy at the minute. The summer had me spoilt. I haven't even had time to see my nieces in weeks. The universe planned to rectify this by chance meetings in the street twice in two days and then a short visit from them today. Even the briefest of interactions with them make me happy. And when they haven't seen me in a while they are full of smiles and cuddles and kisses.

Even more exciting, I get to meet my nephew on Wednesday. Katkins can't wait to introduce her little darling to one of his aunties and I can't wait to meet him. This means that Mr. Zigatron Grumbleface Marley will have to spend four whole days away from me. I expect lots of licking and snurfling and grumbles when I get back.

I can see now that I have the option to upload photos. I might as well add some colour to the palace.

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Rob Z Tobor said...

Sorry I am late yet again Miss Hannah what with a dodgy brain and more things to do that I can remember at present, I appear to be missing some of those small but important things like calling by on your blog and saying hello. . .

Hello Miss Hannah.

I am glad you have been able to upload a few pics and jolly good they are too. I must admit I tend to stick with drawings although doing loads of drawings in hard work and yet another self inflicted thing to add to my list.

I hope all is well and meeting family went to plan.