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Monday, April 28, 2014

Some Postmen Are Not Awesome

From this:

To this:

Hooray for my new camera lense. I am slowly but surely ticking everything off the list that I needed to sort out. New sofa and bathroom lino - check, new flatmate - check, new lense - check, working tax credits - check, counselling course application - check. There's still the driving test and illustrations for Freddy and the Fox but, other than that I'm keeping on top of everything. Work's going well these days too. There's a woman that works the night shift and she calls me "wee smiley face". But why wouldn't I have a smiley face? I have these two wonderful girls to run through the fields with.

Oh, and they must have changed my postman and the new one is not so awesome. He posted a letter from the TV licensing people. I never wanted a TV and did very well without one for a year. The last flatmate brought with him a (I've just measured it) 41" TV and left it here because it was obviously too heavy for him to take with him when he moved out. It's horrendous. But I do watch it (less so since I got that letter). So, if anyone wants a ridiculously large TV with glass stand they are perfectly welcome to it.


Nelly said...


Many wrongly believe that you'll need to be covered by a TV licence if you have the ability to watch "live TV", this is even if you don't watch it.

This is an urban myth: just because you have the ability to watch "live TV" doesn't necessarily mean you need a licence. You'll only need a licence if you actually watch "live TV".

So, if you've got an aerial on your roof/satellite dish/TV with built-in Freeview etc, but you don't actually watch "live TV", you don't need a licence.

So, Hannah, you can let anyone who calls with you know that you don't own the darn thing. don't watch it and if they care to take it away with them you'll be more than happy. Whatever you do, DO NOT buy a TV licence because that locks you into their system.

Rob Z Tobor said...

The dog is looking very cool these days

hootchinhannah said...

Ok mum, no TV licence will be purchased. I'd really begrudge having to fork out for one when I have no interest in TV.

Thanks Rob, I have passed on your compliment to Ziggy though I fear he may be getting a little too cocky.