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Friday, April 25, 2014

Postmen Are Awesome

Today I got a letter to say that I am entitiled to working tax credits. I have probably been entitiled to them for years but never really knew about them. This is the way they want it. This means I can get Ziggy booked in for his ball chopping because it will be considerably cheaper. Of course, now that it's a reality I feel a bit sorry for him. He will know the vet has taken something away from him. He won't know why and he will probably blame me.

I took him to Granny Nelly's on Monday. I got a taxi out and as we drove into Cullybackey I saw Judy and Jess's GodParent's, the Mc Sprollies, driving in the opposite direction. Jess was stood with her two front paws on the dashboard, skellying out the window. I felt bad for Ziggy as he adores Judy and Jess and when they go out with Mc Sprollies they are often gone for a few hours. I took Ziggy a walk down the back lane, through the field and back up through the woods. He loved it. When we returned back at the yard Jess' sister's Pip and Tiegan were there with there owner. Hurrah, thought Ziggy, two fine young bitchers to play with, but no, for Pip and Tiegan are dirty devil scunging dogs and their owner must have one of them on a leash at all times otherwise they'd be off through the woods.

Shortly after, another of Jess' siblings turned up with his owner. Rex was much more fun for Ziggy and they spent a happy afternoon taking it in turns to hump each other. Rex's owner Swisser noticed some trees missing from the hen run. She asked Bert had he cut them down. He had. Swisser was not amused. Why had he cut down the lovely trees? Bert scrunched his face up. he knew there was a reason why but he just couldn't quite remember it. Bert's memory eludes him when under pressure. He says it lets more light in to the run. I explain to Swisser that the hens needed more vitamin D. Swisser would not be appeased. Pip and Tiegan's owner offers a very valid point about how it was a good thing to cut down the trees to enable more things to grow. Pippy pap, says Swisser. Mum tells her Pip and Tiegan's owner used to work in forest conservation and he is, in fact, quite knowledgable about such things. "I don't care" Swisser huffs.

I have just had a phonecall from mum to say that my camera lens has arrived. That's two good things the postman has brought me today. I don't know why dogs hate them so much. I think they're awesome.


Rob Z Tobor said...

Indeed very good news for you but not Ziggy.

Postmen bring bills too so they're sometimes awesome and sometimes nasty . . . .

hootchinhannah said...

Ziggy has a few weeks grace as it will no doubt take me a few weeks to book him in. And I will make sure to photograph them so that he can look back fondly on the balls he used to have.